Latinos and The Nigga Word

hispanics using the word niggaWhatever happened to Hispanic/Latino People using the word Vato, Homes, Chico, etc? Nowadays when you find a latino talking to his buddy he mostly like refer to him as “Nigga”. This word has been popularized by Black African Americans. It’s a term of endearment. Sorta like saying “Wussup Bro”. You hear it frequently in conversations and Hip Hop Music.
But over the past few years, Hispanics and Latinos use the word Nigga far more than Blacks themselves.
First off, The word itself is generated from the derogatory word “Nigger”. Blacks watered it down and gave it a cool hip appeal. To make it more personal, they took off the Er and added an A. To call it Nigga instead of Nigger.
Throughout the 70’s is when the name became famous as blacks would stand outside juke joints and liquor stores and simply gossip. Referring to each other as “Nigga”
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Latino’s use the word Nigga so much. But one can speculate it comes from being a fan of HipHop. Most latino’s that use the word is the young ones. They may gangbang and show love to there Chicano roots but they’re fans of the HipHop generation. And as we all know the word Nigga is a mainframe in Hip Hop Music.

Latinos and The Nigga Word

I’ve asked one Mexican kid why he uses the word so much and his idiotic reason was “Ya know mexicans were the 1st niggas”. Lol, yea we know it sounds stupid. Oddly enough not only do Latinos use the word. But young white kids use it too. Is it to say the word has lost it’s hateful juice and now just a cool thing to say?


Studying of Howard Hughes

Howard HughesI’ve recently been studying the life of Enigmatic Billionaire Howard Hughes. A man who captivated Hollywood with his awe-inspiring movies and dare devil camera angles. He was born with a silver spoon to a father who made a fortune in the drill bit oil business. In his childhood Howard was a loner whose mother kept him in a box. After both of his parents died Howard emancipated himself and took over the families business. However, he wasn’t much active in the operations of the company. He chose to keep the money flowing and turned his interests to filmmaking, aviation, and real estate.
Howard Hughes directed or produced a number of films with Hells Angels and Scarface being the most successful. During the filming of Hells Angels Howard became obsessive with the film. He demanded everything be perfect. Often working his actors and crew for 20-30 hours straight. He went well over budget but all of it paid off as Hells Angels was a block buster hit. Doubling his budget!
As a 14 year old teen Howard Hughes flew in a airplane and that inspired him to take to the air as flying is what brought him pleasure. After his films business Howard Hughes enter the aviation business. He created airplanes used for commercial use as well as war use. He broke many aviation records and even purchased TWA and successfully expanded its operations.
Later in life Howard Hughes became a Real Estate Mogul. Often buying businesses and properties for simple or no apparent reason. Once, while staying in the Desert Inn Hotel the managers asked him to vacate for new customers. Instead of leaving, Hughes simply bought the hotel. Hughes extended his financial empire to include Las Vegas real estate, hotels and media outlets, spending an estimated $300 million and using his considerable powers to take-over many of the well known hotels, especially the organized crime connected venues and he quickly became one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas.

3 main things to learn from Howard Hughes

1. Always go further than possible
2. Never fear the competition
3. Fuck society and its people

Why are girls on facebook hard to get?

girls on facebookOne main activity for males on facebook is to inbox a female they think is cute in hopes of getting close to her. But girls on facebook isn’t quite that easy to get nowadays. Why? because most females on facebook inbox messages is inundated with messages from a vast number of males trying to get with her.
On a daily basis a female get 10s of 100s of messages from random dudes. Yours is no different. Their inboxes so full that your message may not even be read. It’s lost at sea.
So given a female gets all this attention it hypothetically transform her into a celebrity personality (The online type). She have the power to pick and choose whom she wishes to respond too.
Most girls play with there facebook popularity by posting racy photos. They know that’s one way to get the attention they crave, but then complain as if they did nothing and feel disrespected when a dude comes at them in a sexual way. It’s a shameful mindset.

Why are girls on facebook hard to get?

It’s not a hard question. Most guys scare girls with there incessant inboxing and vulgar photo’s (aka the Dick Pic). And with media coverage of meetings from facebook ending in violence makes it no better. In a news report from New York a girl met with a guy off facebook and he proceeded to rape her. It gained nationwide attention. So maybe its not a bad thing for girls on facebook to act stuckup.

If you’re over 30, you may remember the blackplanet and myspace days. Which was much easier for people to get together and go on dates. Sometimes in a crowd setting. Maybe that’s the reason those two sites are a thing of the past? Hell no!
Bottom line: Facebook Hoes need to get there heads out there asses and realize they’ll never be no model, singer, actress. Being popular on facebook means absolutely nothing. So when a dude hit you up, don’t be a douchebag. Respond!


7 reasons to hate Chicago Winters!

Chicago winterChicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A major city in the middle of the midwest. We have a busy downtown with tall skyscraper buildings. It connects to and from Lake Shore Drive. An expressway that rides up along the waters of he beautiful Lake Michigan. We call it the Lakefront! On any given day you can walk outside and see a diverse sea of people. We have an amazing CTA transportation that operates 24 hours a day. All this beauty exists in the summer!
In contrast to the beauty of summer, is the sorrow of Chicago Winters. Throughout History Chicago has had record breaking painful winters. In the winter 2011 Chicago saw a snowfall that shutdown the whole city, left drivers stranded, and businesses shuttered.
After growing up in Chicago, one may think you get used to these winters. But as I’ve just stepped inside from a 6 degree wind chill. I digress, I can never get used to this shit! I hate it!

7 reasons to hate Chicago Winters

1. The weather can drop 20 degrees below on any given winter day

2. It starts to get dark around 4pm. Who the hell wants to get off work with a feeling like its 10pm?

3. You have to start your car 20 minutes before just so its warm and snuggly

4. Your heating bill goes through the roof

5. Your car door is frozen shut, windows iced, gotta shovel out

6. Christmas music starts playing when Thanksgiving haven’t even made its presence known

7. Traffic Jams and Slow Traffic on streets and expressways

Chicago Winters

Some people, especially caucasians don’t mind the winter. They adore and invite it. In fact, often you see them in shorts taking a jog in below zero weather. I never understood that one! Polar Bear Gene possibly?
I love my City but they can keep its winters. My plan when I get rich is too love in Chicago for the summer. And live in warmer climates in the winter. Chicago Winters is just that brutal! Even the news station gives it reasons why Chicago Winters are brutal

Menasha Packaging employee review (Hodgkins, IL)

Menasha Packaging in Hodgkins, IlMenasha Packaging is a company that specializes in Product Displays. This is a Menasha Packaging employee review. They do packaging for companies like Walgreens, Walmart, and all sorts of big stores. If you go to their website. It’ll appear they’re a standup, professional company. And rightfully so, they are and they do legitimate business. But does it come as a price to the employee?
I answered an ad by Elite Staffing for a Line Leader Position. It was to pay $10.50/Hr with a 50cent raise after 90 days. I went for an interview with Ida, one of the managers of the facility on the 2nd shift. She took me on a walk-through of the warehouse and I remember the place looking simply like a regular warehouse. It wasn’t customed to a business like a U.P.S is. It had no signs or anything with the word “Menasha” on it. It was just a spacious warehouse with a handful of workers.
As she explained the duties of the Line Leader it seemed empty of info. Just go in, work, and punch out.
Menasha have an extremely high turnover rate. Like I forestated line leaders van make $10.50/Hr. But the regular employees are paid a measley $8.25/Hr for fast-paced work. Extremely hot in summer! Extremely cold in winter. No heater, but fans here and there for summer.

Menasha Packaging employee review

The reason Menasha pays $8.25/Hr is because they hire from Elite Staffing (Temp Service) who sends out undocumented mexicans to do the job. If immigration took notice Menasha wouldn’t get blamed because all the employees come from Elite. Thats who pay the employees. So if immigration had questions. Elite would take the heat.
On a daily basis Menasha only have about 6-8 regular employees. Everyone else is from the temp service. When they start the shift it reminded me of a slave auction. They would have their temp employees sit in lunchroom and a line leader would come in and pick and choose whom he wants to work for him.
I wouldn’t recommend working for this company do to its lack of professionalism.

P-Diddy and Kim Kardashian caught cheating together!

P-Diddy and Kim KardashianIt’s confirmed! P-Diddy and Kim Kardashian caught cheating together in a London Nightclub over the weekend. Sources say the two arrived separately in London. Kim K. arrived alone while P-Diddy arrived with his boo Cassie. P-Diddy was there to promote his new drink “Pineapple Ciroc”. He did a radio interview in morning, a talk show in the afternoon, and at a nightclub at night. Cassie was there for the two earlier interviews but was oddly not in attendance for the nightclub session.
While at the club session witnesses were baffled at the sudden appearance of Kim K. They were even more perplexed with they didn’t see Kanye West alongside Kim.
P-Diddy had a special V.I.P section in the club where he danced and dranked all night with Kim Kardashian. Sourced say the two were extremely friendly with each other.  They were laughing, talking, hugging, and at one point, Kim K sat on P-Diddy’s Lap for an impromptu Lap Dance. A famous nightclub photographer Wilson Rodriguez managed too pursuade the drunken couple to take a couple photo’s. When Diddy found out what can happen if the photo’s got leaked he attempted to bribe Rodriguez to relinguish and delete the photo’s. When Rodriguez denied, P-Diddy had security escort Rodriguez out of Club where they confiscated his camera. However, he changed Sim Cards and put the card with the photo’s in his pocket.
This is fresh off the heels of Kim Kardashian’s Full Blown Naked Photo’s. Per TMZ, “Her big thing was to show the world how she bounced back after giving birth to North West. But is P-Diddy also part of her bounce back plan?

P-Diddy and Kim Kardashian caught cheating together

After all this fiasco, what are Kanye’s opinion of all this stuff? His wife Kim. K not only out here taking Nude Photo’s with Full Frontal. She’s now in the wed of P-Diddy. Something isn’t right with the Kim K. and Kanye Duo. Maybe a split? Or maybe she’s doing it to get Ye’s attention? Or maybe she’s really just living out her true hoe-ish ways like she did in the xxx porn video with Ray-J?

Either way it goes this is a satire story. 100%. More to come soon!

The importance of getting “facebook likes”.

facebook likesGetting facebook likes is an important need to its users. Some people upload content with the simple mission of getting likes. Some people, when they don’t get no likes. They simply delete what they posted.
Receiving facebook likes has a psychological effect on people. It’s almost like a drug and the users are the addicts. So we post whats necessary in order to get those likes. For example some females post racy, sexy, and lingerie-laced photos to receive likes. The more sexual the photo, the more likes you get. In comparison, if that same female user post anything normal she won’t get many likes.
Getting a like lets us know we’re acknowledged. Having our words, photos, videos “liked” is a good feeling. It’s letting us know we are appreciated. The more likes, the merrier. We have an insatiable appetite for likes. It makes us feel like an authority figure on the net. Some people go above and beyond with the things they post. In the digital world where we can be anything we want. Some users post offensive material only to get attention.

What is get facebook likes?

Per facebooks own wordsA single click on the Like button will ‘like’ pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook. You can also display a Share button next to the Like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with
Clicking “like” on facebook is an easy way to let people know that you enjoy it without leaving a comment.
For example, if you click like on a friend’s photo:

  • People who can see the photo will be able to see that you liked it
  • A story will be posted on your Timeline that you liked your friend’s photo
  • The person who posted the photo will get a notification that you liked it

Is masterbation an addiction?

Masterbation addictEveryone does it once in awhile. Some do it modestly, while others do it excessively. Masterbation is a healthy activity in life. But can it become a problem when done excessively? Chronic masterbation can be a serious problem according to Dr. Laura Berman in her Sexual Health Article. She states “Sex addicts think about sex virtually all the time. They spend hours looking at pornography on the Internet, they masturbate multiple times a day (often to the point that it becomes painful), and they are consumed by their need for sexual release.” And she have a very valid point. People whom masterbation excessively can’t wait to grab the lube or dildo to get it on. It’s a constant thought in the mind of the Chronic Masterbator. They see women and visualize how it would feel to have sex with them. They keep that vision in mind until they get to there private place to let one loose.
Masterbation Addicts have a library of porn. They beat off multiple times a day. Even if they’re not at home they’ll beat off in the bathroom of a public place or friends house. The addiction is like a Crackhead. They fiend to reach the ultimate high of orgasm.

Masterbation is an addiction

A few ways to know if you’re addicted to masterbationis too try and go a week or so without jagging off. If you feel a pull within yourself to grab the lube and get one off. Good chance you’re addicted. They even have Therapists dedicated to the field of “Sex Addiction”. They have sex help groups. If you feel your addiction to masterbation is unhealthy. Seek help from the aforementioned suggestions.

Is Derrick Rose too fragile for the NBA?

Derrick Rose in pain Once upon a time, Derrick Rose was sorta like our Great White Hope. A reincarnation of Michael Jordan. Chicago looked at Derrick as if he was gonna be the one to take Chicago on another Championship Spree.
True indeed he came into the league as a scorer. Fast on the ball and sharp on the defense. Those qualities gave him his 1st mvp title.
However, Derrick doesn’t possess what Jordan had: Heart and Guts. Mj was known to play through pain. In 1997 Jordan played through an entire game influxed with the flu. Why, because of his competitive nature, committment to his fans, and most importantly, his love for the game.
Over the past few years Derrick Rose has been pummeled with injury after injury. Sometimes it appeared he was quite Ok to play a game only to disappoint the legion of Chicago Fans that adore him. His injuries has left stranded a Chicago Bulls Team that had chances at a title. As the Bulls played through playoff games, Derrick sat on the sidelines looking like a poor and scared dog. His face looked as if it said “Hell no I’m not getting in that”. He has had so many injuries that fans hope he dont run too fast or jump too high because more than likely, he’ll get hurt. History has proven that.

Is Derrick Rose too fragile?

Too be perfectly honest: Yes! He just made his comback in the 2014 season and he’s already hopping and flopping all over the place. A ankle sprain here, a ham injury there. We as fans are getting used to the “O I’m hurt face” he been wearing for quite some time now.
Derrick has no love or heart for the game. He himself said he’s thinking of a long term goals like going to grandsons graduation. That’s not a bad thing but he’s a young 26 year old MVP. Shouldn’t his mind be on taking his team to the finals? Even Stephen A. Smith said he’s devastated by Rose’s words. What is the use of paying Rose all these millions if he can’t play? He’s played 10 games in two years and paid millions! Is Basketball like Football, boxing, or Ufc where you so harmed where you scared to play?

I think it’s time to renegotiate with Derrick Rose. We, as a people in Chicago can’t take no more! What’s next? A broken nail? Out 20 games? Smh

Lil Durk arrested again on multiple gun charges!

lil durk gets caught with gunsIs it art imitating life, or like imitating art? Once again GBE’s own “Lil Durk arrested for “Gun Possession”. This time it was two loaded pistols: A a Glock .45 caliber handgun and a Springfield .45-caliber handgun, both of were loaded with 10 rounds each.
Chicago Police Gang Unit was investigating a murder suspect (Bay-Bay) and showed up at a home in around 5 a.m. in Orland Park, IL. A woman who answered the door let them in, and the officers saw Durk standing in the living room near the kitchen island.
According to The Chicago Tribune, The officers knew Durk was a convicted felon and placed him under arrest, the report said.  He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.
Lil Durk recently faced 5 years in prison after officers saw him toss a loaded Glock handgun into a car parked in the Englewood neighborhood in 2013. He was on parole at the time for another gun charge. According to prosecutors, Chicago police responded to a call of a person with a gun about 3 a.m. June 5, 2013, in the 7200 block of South Green Street. Officers saw Banks toss a handgun through the open window of a parked Hyundai Sonata and walk away quickly, authorities said.

The gun — a blue steel Glock 9mm with 14 live rounds — was found in the back seat. A records search showed the gun was reported stolen April 10, 2013, according to a police report.

What is Lil Durk thinking?

Of course he’s gonna scream the “I’m innocent” technique. Everyone thats locked up is “innocent”. Here he is a 2 time felon of gun possession and he’s still packing?! Whatever happened to rappers who use “flunkies” (scapegoats) to take the charge if the police come knocking? Niggaz that pack heat always step away from it when the police come knocking. It was 9 other people in the room but who got 2 prior weapons charges? Durk does! So they put it on him under the vise of “Guilty by association”. His HipHop Celebrityism also played it role.

At the tender age of 22 Durk tries to be a man. He’s married with 3 children. But he’s cut from a cloth he chooses not to resist. The result? A weapons charge. Life imitating art!