These illustrations shows the downfall of society

In a world that gets more detached everyday. We allow technology and gadgets distance the human spirit. No more are the days meeting up in a park, beach, or social hall and simply chatting. Todays communication exists in Social Media. Folks will message you on instagram or facebook before they call or receive a call from you. If you out and about let’s say on a date. Your date just may spend half the night posting statuses instead of relating to you. This is what our world has succumbed too. Technology is deviating the human spirit. We call it the downfall of society.
Artist Luis Quiles sums up in his drawings exactly what society has become. His illustrations sends a chilling message and poses a question, what have we become?

Forceful Feeding of Cheap Fast Food
illustration of cheap fast food eating

Promiscuos Girl in the Mirror taking selfies looking for validation
illustration of girl taking selfies

Not allowed to voice your opinion without repercussions
illustration of voicing opinions

How does Religion create starvation and poverty?
Religion causes starvation

The power and control of a woman
Power of a female

Stereotyping of the male and female
gender stereotypes

Lusting for Notifications, Followers, and Likes
Lusting for social media approval

The puppeting of Child Soldiers in 3rd world countries
Child soldiers in 4rd world country

Power of the Almighty Dollar
Power of the dollar

Sharks in Suits
sharks in suits

The Social Media craziness
social media craze

The excessive advertisement and ownership of Athletes
advertising and athletes

The prescription drug phenomenon
Crazy for prescription drugs

The young activist and violent video game player
violent video game player

Teaching Sex and Religion to little girls
Teaching religion to little girls

No respect for elders
no morals

She says don’t touch though
don't touch

Could it be the downfall of society or things just changing? Is it the way humanity is evolving or is it puppeted by people in power? Questions that have yet to meet answers.

Celebrities wearing Snapback Hats

Snapback are a cultural icon. Known for bringing style to the headpiece of the urran and street individual. Not only do Cats rock snapbacks to support there favorite team. But most people rock snapbacks as a Fashion Statement. Peep these celebrities wearing Snapback Hats:

NWA wearing black snapback hatsNWA made wearing snapbacks a street things in the 80s as they always sported a Black n White Snapback. Sometimes the vintage Raiders hat or NWA or Compton embroidered on the cap

Kanye West wearing dallas mavericks snapbackKanye West walking the streets in a legendary Dallas Mavericks Snapback

Chris Brown wearing los angeles lakers snapbackChris Brown at the Staples Center in a vintage Los Angeles Lakers snapback

Wiz Khalifa wearing a pittsburgh steelers snapbackRather it’s Pittsburgh Pirates of the Steelers just know Wiz Khalifa always repping his hometown with it’s snapbacks

Tyga wearing Ny Met snapbackTyga rocking the vintage NY Mets snapback

Wale wearing washington nationals snapbackMMG own Wale rocking a Washington Nationals Snapback

Big Sean wearing Detroit Lions snapbackBig Sean at Def Jam party wearing a vintage Detroit Lions Snapback

Justin Beiber wearing snapback with all starsJustin Beiber rocking a red snapback with vintage red all stars to match

Lebron James snakeskin miami heat hatLebron James pops up on the scene with a Snakeskin Brim Miami Heat Snapback

Beyonce wears ny snapback hatBeyonce on the scene with a legendary NY Cap. Wonder if Jay out her up to this?

Rihanna wearing a snapback hat
Rihanna spotted leaving a London Hotel with a Dream Team Snapback on with stunna Ray Bans to match

Trey Songs wears white sox snapbackTrey Songs in Chicago promoting his album while sporting a Chicago White Sox Cap with stunna shades on

Tupac wears snapbackThe legendary Tupac rocking the Chicago White Sox Snapback Hat

Miley Cyrus wearing snapbackMiley Cyrus out jogging while sporting a Chicago Bulls Snapback with Jersey to match…



No matter yuh poison just know for every color and look you’re shooting for. Rather it’s celebrities wearing Snapback Hats or the average joe, You’ll find a convenient Snapback to match your style. If you’ll looking for Snapback that has fashion and style written on it. Check out Skich Designs Collection.

Professional Gold Digging Hoes

Vanessa Bryant Gold DiggerYou got some hoes out here that’s about that money and that’s all they want from a nigga. You can call them low low gold digging hoes because these type of hoes are stupid with no long term outlook on life. They want the quick buck.
Then you got Professional Gold Digging Hoes that are in it for the long term. These hoes gotta head on their shoulders and they know if they stay down with their target there future and bank account gonna pay off. These are the type of hoes that seek professional sports players, actors, entertainers, and corporate fellows. They may even loved their target at once upon a time. They have babies by em and all. But one slip up, the target finds out he’s been duped the whole time. The law play right into these hoes hands too.
These guys dun worked they ass off but soon as the Professional Gold Digging Hoe decides she wants to do other things. The law will give the bitch half the mans money and his possessions. It’s a cold and unfair game. There can’t be a loyal bitch out there because society doesn’t conduce one. No matter how educated or what graceful background a hoe comes from. All she knows is she can control the successful dude because the laws are automatically tailored in her favor. You got hoes getting 9-figure deals from dealing with a balla cat. It’s a shameful game man! So be careful on who you choose to fuck with. Thats why I don’t believe in marriage.

Kurupt goes psycho over “King of New York” line [Video]

These days it’s hard to tell if these rapper/celebrities be on drugs of if the fame of celebritism has boggled their brains. VladTv recently did an interview with Snoop Doggs homey Kurupt and he went off the deep end over a simple question about Kendrick Lamar quoted him on the “King of NY” line.
Kurupt had a disoriented look on his face from the start. Vlad asked him the verse in its entire and after he spitted it he stated it meant “He’s the fucking worst“. After explaining that he’s referring to Frank White from the movie King of New York he flew into a tirade about people getting all things he say misconstrued. I believe he was on dope…. Peep the video and judge for yourself:


Birdman- “If Lil Wayne leaves I’ll sue him!”

Birdman and Lil Wayne BattleFolks close to YMCMB Boss Birdman verified that the CEO was livid over Lil Wayne Twitter Rant. Wayne claimed Birdman is procrastinating the release of his Carter V album. Lil Wayne and Birdman Battle rages on!
Birdman isn’t phased as he stated a contract is a contract, business it business, he’s fully prepared to take Wayne to court if the rapper attempts to leave the label.
I guess all the processed love they shared wasn’t all that authentic.

Employee review working at Olive Garden in Chicago, Addison street

Olive Garden Chicago

Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m an Employee of the fallen Olive Garden Restaurant in Chicago, Il on Addison St. Olive Garden is an extremely successful restaurant operation under the Darden umbrella. As all of their restaurants are located in suburbs, right on the ourskirts of Big Cities. This Olive Garden in Chicago is the first to open it’s doors in a Big City. Management occasionally referred to it at a Test. To see if such a Restaurant can thrive in the City. Well, I work at Chicago’s OG, and this is my story:

The Beginning

I had my resume posted on Career Builder and Olive Garden staff emailed stating they were opening up a Brand New Restaurant in Chicago and they wanted me to come in for an interview. I came to restaurant and was interviewed by 4 people in Management. I gave them my skills and was hired and was instructed to come in on a specific date for orientation.
Now at the time I was working Full Time at a Restaurant that was 30 miles from my house. Olive Garden was closer and my now Ex job was kinda far and per the interview I would be paid more so I gave my now Ex employer my two week notice of resignation. I was do to start orientation at Olive Garden

The Orientation

The orientation was good, positive, and energetic. OG hired around 170 employees (That’s a lot!) and had employees that been working for Olive Garden for a long time train us. The trainers did an awesome job training us. There was emphasis on cleaning, sanitation, the importance of cooking a picture perfect dish, and happy-positive greetings to the customers. We were all overlooked by upper management as they were their to assure things went exactly to OG standards. It was constant talk on working with a sense of urgency as OG is a Fast Paced Restaurant. Management created a team like family environment. After 2 weeks of training I was excited for opening day, which was Sept. 29, 2014

The Grand Opening

Opening Day was greeted with great fanfare. Governor Pat Quinn was there, he and our General Manager gave a bright speech, media from an assortments of outlets were there, people drove by honking and waving at us.
When those doors opened people poured in. It was so packed people waited outside for hours just to get a seat. The kitchen and diner room was extremely busy. People were ordering there pastas and salads by the boatloads. We worked at least 10 hours that day. The opening was a success. Employees and customers all happy!

The Weeks after opening

The following days and weeks of The Grand Opening was the same. It was so busy Management constantly asked can we work overtime. The team needs us. Most of us complied to work overtime. Besides, more hours, more money! One week I worked an astonishing 60 hours. Check was fat! I was able to pay bills, rent, and do for more family.

The slowdown

Now, today, at the current moment, as of December 12th, 2014. Business at the thriving Chicago-Based Olive Garden slowed down dramatically after the first 2 months since The Grand Opening. It slowed down so much that we are constantly sent home early. And if we’re not sent home early our days got smaller. Now, I only get 2-3 days a week and on them days I’m working 2-4 hours. An attempt to talk to Management about more days and hours fall on deaf ears. I guess they don’t love us the way they portrayed when we 1st opened. The sense of family has faded. We been here since the start. Saw through the success of the opening. But now we’re expendable. Not really needed anymore

The Phase Out Process

It appears Og is having a phase out process. Once happy employees now have a disenchanted look on their faces. Rumbles and Whispers of “How am I gonna pay this“? is heard throughout the building. Out of the 170 that started. Only about 80 are still around. Some quit because of the pressures of when we first started. Most recently quit due to lack of days/hours. Besides, what adult can survive off a $100 a week paycheck? My little teenage brother working part time is making more than me. They creating scarce schedules like that to discourage their employees to quit. I’ve pitied to management for more hours but to no avail. Olive Garden don’t need us anymore! Is that how corporate thinks? If business slow, don’t give our employees enough days/hours to survive. They’ll find another job!
Furthermore, I’ve quit a solid full time job just to come to this. I wonder if my Ex employee would rehire me? lol,
Maybe, for future employees things will change for the better. But at the moment, Olive Garden in Chicago on Addison Street just not worth working there. Until then, I’m scheduled to work two days this week, 3-4 hours a day. From that I have to pay rent, bills, put food on the table, and take care of my family, Fuck Me! Smh


Felons and Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Society sure does have a sick sense of rehabilitation don’t it? How do employers expect an ex-con to get a job if he’s disqualified with the Criminal Background Checks? Sure enough, you got some felons out here with sicky fingers and known for stealing and robbing and quite indeed, they shouldn’t be hired if it’s a pattern of such behavior.
But what about the kid that made a mistake and/or made a bad decision and caught himself a felony? Should he be treated as a castaway?
Society should think of rehabilitating ex-felons. If he’s not able to get a job, what’s left? A life of continued crime just to put food on the table. Mark Green, a 21 year old ex-con from Illinois says he’s forced to sell drugs. He tried for 2 years to get a legitimate job and 8 out of 8 interviews turned him down because of his checkered past.
Society is creating a dangerous loop for those whose willing to make a change. Just because one has a felony in his past doesn’t make them a bad person.
That’s why I salute and respect those business that don’t judge a person by there past mistakes but by there actions as an employee. Below is a list of jobs that still believe in the American Spirit and they hire felons:

Ace Hardware
American Greetings
Andersen Windows
Apple Inc.
Avon Products
Bahama Breeze
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Western
Black & Decker
Braum’s Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Cambell’s Soup
Carl’s Jr.
Carrier Corporation
Caterpillar Inc.
Community Education Centers
ConAgra Foods
Dairy Queen
Dart Containers
Deer Park Spring Water co.
Delta Faucets
Dole Food Company
Dollar Tree
Divizio Industries
Dr. Pepper
Dunlop Tires
Dunkin’ Donuts
Eddie V’s
Embassy Suites
Family Dollar
Firestone Auto Care
Flying J
Food Services of America
Fruit of the Loom
General Electric
General Mills
Golden Corral
HH Gregg
Hilton Hotels
In-N-Out Burger
J.B. Hunt Transport
Jack in the Box
Jiffy Lube
Jimmy Johns
Kelly Moore Paints
Kraft Foods
Longhorn Steakhouse
Men’s Wearhouse
Metals USA
Miller Brewing Company
The New York Times
Olive Garden
Phillip Morris Inc.
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Restaurant Depot
Reyes Beverage Group
Salvation Army
Sara Lee
Sears & Roebuck Co.
Seasons 52
Shell Oil
Toys “R” Us
Trader Joes
Tyson Foods
US Foods
US Steel Corporation
Volunteers of America
Wyndham Hotels
Yard House