new era send fitted hat as gift

So I’m sitting back in the SkichDesigns Office and the FedEx man rings the bell and has a package in hand. I was wondering what it was for as I wasn’t expecting any packages so I answer the door and it’s a package for me in a White Box. I immediately start to blush because it’s mailed from New Era and they typically send out hats in these type of boxes. New Era send fitted hat as gift!
I opened it up and it’s a Chicago Bulls(My City!) Fitted Hat along with a keychain you can wrap around your neck and a note thanking me for being a consultant to them. And then I thought, O, thanks! lol, the only thing they asked me (as a consultant) was what hat would I choose between two. I chose one and they title me “Consultant”, which is cool but it’s cooler they sent me this Brand New Fresh Chicago Bulls Fitted Hat… Peep the pics:

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Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat

Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (1)
New Era
, in all it’s creativity has dropped another Gem – A Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat. A limited edition cap for the NBA All Star Weekend. New Era has partnered with Jay Z and Lebron James associate Emory Vegas Jones and Kelton Crenshaw to bring the collection of hats. It’s only available at Roc N’ Sole in Brooklyn, Ny over the All Star Weekend.
New Era release a statement:

New Era Cap, the leading global headwear brand, has partnered with Emory Vegas Jones of Roc Apparel Group and industry insider Kelton Crenshaw to release a variety of custom, never-before-seen caps that will be unveiled during NBA All-Star Weekend. Retail versions, which differ slightly in design and material, will hit retail stores later this year.


Having first partnered on the wildly successful footwear project, “The Brooklyn Zoo” for Jay Z back in 2012, Emory and Kelton began cultivating the New Era relationship in 2014. Both industry heavyweights helped release some of New Era’s most successful caps – the OTR Tour, Roc Nation’s Paper Plane cap and even a custom Cleveland Cavaliers cap for LeBron James in which he wore during the CFB National Championship.


“Given our strong relationship and mutual synergy, we knew there wasn’t anyone better to oversee this initiative. With New Era having been founded in the state of New York and the fact that NBA All-Star Weekend is being held in NYC this year, Emory and Kelton were the obvious choices for this collaboration as they have deep local connections and are rooted in the iconic NYC culture,” said EJ Flammer, Senior Marketing Manager, Basketball of New Era Cap.


The new designs, dubbed as “NBA Suede Pack” will be unveiled during NBA All-Star Weekend and will feature five NBA teams, Brooklyn Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder, with two different styles per team. The caps for Chicago Bulls, NY Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder will each feature one in full color and another in black suede with full color logo and engraved gunmetal buckles. The Cavaliers cap will feature the same styles except the colored version will feature a gold buckle instead. Both caps for the Nets are black with one style featuring a grey under visor. All caps have “NYC ‘15” stitched on the side panel strap and strap backs will be made out of leather.


“To us, New York represents a classic environment and therefore using a corresponding material like suede made it an easy process. I figured we could do it in a way where we could do something really cool at the right price point that would also resonate with all fans, both celebrities and consumers,” said Emory Jones.


The second wave of products will be released widely for the mass consumer later this year. The caps will feature take down versions of the original designs and sold at a lower price.


“We wanted to bring our NBA All-Star designs to a broader consumer and make it a little more accessible. We actively believe that everyone deserves to be able to express themselves, no matter the price point,” said Kelton Crenshaw


The exclusive, limited supply of initial NBA Suede Packs will be available at Roc N’ Sole in Brooklyn, New York, starting Saturday, February 14th.


Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (1)Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (2)Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (3)Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (4)Chicago Bulls Suede Snapback Hat (5)

If you like these hats you’ll love our Exclusive Snapback Hats. Snapback Promo Items

skichdesigns sticker promos
As we march towards our goal as a leading force in the Snapback Hats game. We’re mindful that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Yuh see, our goal is to compete with the gargantuous beast that is New Era. I know, we have our work cut out for us as New Era been producing hats for nearly a century. But a great man was said to be great, you have to compete with greatness.
We’re taking baby steps. We have our stores and the site where you can buy our Snapback Hats setup and we’re doing pretty good numbers. But in order to grow we must advertise so we’re investing in a heavy street promoting campaign for the summer of 2015. We already got Sticker Promo Items floating thru the city. A technique to “plant the seed” for the full onslaught. We post them in gas stations, corner polls, bus stops, and train stations. It get impressions of about 300K a day. People love that a homegrown Snapback Hats business is in the city. They flock to the site to put in orders and a flurry of calls asking where can they cop one.

Snapback Promo Items

But to go back to the topic, these sticker snapback promo items is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s still winter so come April 2., Stickers, Posters, Flyers gonna invade the city so bad that people are gonna ve forced to buy from us. Every nook and cranny gonna have our snapback hats promo items posted on it. So until the front of summer begin, we’ll continue our light weight sticker campaign. We will conquer!

Snapback Hats at

snapback hats at
There is a single, solitary, primary reason I’m making this blog post. It is to inform the word of our prowess as Snapback Hats designers. It appears some (even elite folks) got the game misconstrued. When you talk about Snapback Hats you have to realize this shit flows through our bloodstream. It’s part of us. It’s our passion.
As we embark on the realization of the dream of becoming an elite force in the hat game. We know we’re gonna bump into doubters and obstacles. All goals are met with hardships because if it was easy everyone will be doing it. We know that we have high mountains to climb and rough terrain to pass. But we suited and booted and we will conquer. To be on a level of New Era one has to be passionate about this shit. Our present is full of hustle and bussle because our eyes are set on a future of success. We talking $100Mil a year type shit!
Currently, we have a variety of exclusive Snapback Hats. We sell them online on our homesite of course and we sell them locally in stores. Our stores are selling because we run a heavu marketing campaign throughout the city. Posters, Flyers, Parties, etc. However, our online game is hard as we’re reaching consumers from all 4 corners of the earth. That’s why we run promo’s on social media and google. We do everything in our power to reach our target market. We’re so passionate about our business that we often go over budget to assure we promote accordingly.
You may see our hats worn by your favorite actor, rapper, or sports players. We at times give it to em free and snap pics as it trickles down to their fans sending us enquires on our hats. They’re rules to marketing and we’re playing by them. We do the same to fashion magazines and bloggers.
We’re looking to take over this Snapback Hats game and we won’t stop ever. We won’t get content as we’re always seeking a new design or style to feed to the public.
So until then, God bless you all and go on over to our products page to choose a cap!

Snapback Hats snapback hats

Snapback Hats for the ladies

snapback hats for ladies
Ladies instinctively know about fashion and style. They born with it! We designed 500 Snapback Hats for the ladies and they sold out way faster than the larger inventory we have for fellas. Ladies instinctly know about fashion and style. The “Pink Queen hat” is made exclusively for ladies with style, class, and attitude. An accessory when you want to send a message that you are a Queen and demand to be treated like one. A girl typically wears this hat with a tank or t-shirt with jewelry dangling from around her neck.
Overall, we’re gonna gave to send an order to our manufacturer to make some more hats as we currently have only 3 of these hats left. Since we recently ran a promotion these hats flew out of our inventory. We sold them 1 by 1 online and the stores we sell too.
So shout out to the 497 ladies that bought our product in a 2 week span. If you one of the unlucky ones that didn’t get a chance to get your paws on one. Don’t fret, we got you! More than likely by the time you read this, we’ll be back stocked and even have more selections to choose from.

Snapback Hats for the ladies

Love for New Era Hats

New Era Hats LogoWhen we speak on our love for Snapback and Fitted Hats New Era dominates the conversation. Our Love for New Era Hats is infinite. There’s a lot a Hat Companies out there but we strive to be like New Era. As they say when you dream make sure you reach for the clouds. New Era has been in business for nearly a Century. Almost 100 years of creating some of the finest hats humanity has ever seen.
Founded in 1920 by German immigrant Ehrhardt Koch. New Era is the exclusive manufacturer of the Major League Baseball Teams. Based in Buffalo, Ny New Era in the industry standard of hats and caps
One thing that comes to mind as I think of New Era is there quality. All stitching is perfectly in place. There Quality Assurance department assures no cap is released half assed. New Era improces there product and it’s material every year. Constantly raising the bar of Hat Design.
So no matter what occasion you can be assured that New Era can meet your expectations. Rather it’s representing your favorite sports team or fashion. New Era has the style and color to match.
We here at have a long way to go to compete with this 100 year old Giant. But if we can get a percentage of there prestige we’ll be satisfied. So if you looking for Custom Snapback Hats we got your backs. Something new and different inspired by the legend of New Era.

Love for New Era Hats ranking on Search Engines

You can’t box us in. We have something that reside in us that man can’t combat. It’s a God Giving Gift. The gift of belief, talent, and creativity. We are A passionate Creator of Custom Snapback Hats. Right now we are climbing the ranks in Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. But there’s an issue at play. We are on pages like 4 or 6 or some shit. Statistics shows that a staggering 94% of users rarely go further thanthe 1st page when doing a search engine search. So with us buried a few pages beyond the 1st that tells me we have more SEO work to do. I can’t sleep until we are on page one for Custom Snapback Hats. No one is better than us. All the sites that’s currently on page 1 are full of shit with no personality.
We have Top Quality Product in Snapback Hats with a dedicated Customer Base that range in the 1,000’s. People are satisfied with our hats. And as we build everyday there’s a new customer that want to take our Hats to the next level. So since this thing is about our customers we make a promise to you all to continue to assault on marketing and promoting. We won’t stop until we’re a household name and that’s saying a lot!
We starting a new campaign that we choose not to unleash verbally or literaterally. But you will feel our push and to these Search Engines. We’re coming after you. Google, sit back and just take a look of the daily dose of content we throwing at you. You wan’t to give your users quality content then we shooting it at you constantly. Put us on page as the 1st result and let’s build together. Our vision of greatness is intertwined. So let’s build together! – Custom Snapback Hats Promo Videos

We here at are a multi-talented group of individuals. We major in design, music, and the arts. We pull all those elements together to create our #1 product Snapback Hats. These vids below are a collection of our Creative Videos we Promote with… – The Premiere Creator of Custom Snapback Hats – Accessories – Our Wood Necklaces – Custom Snapback Hats – The Leaders In Snapback Hats Creative Custom Snapback Hats Collection

Now allow me to say these are only a few of our videos we shoot out. If you want to see the entire collection check our Youtube Channel and Subscribe. By the time you see this scores of other must-see videos will be added.
We are the leaders in the Custom Snapback Hats game. We stand for excellence, quality, and service. Our eyes and looking towards the future as we aspire to be the next New Era for the Urban audience. As New Era is the leaders in the Hat Game we know we set our standards high as we admit to being like them but in a different field.
Our snapback hats are about style and fashion. Something to mix in your ensemble of outfits. So just like you wear your favorite sneakers. Now, you have a hat to match. So build your Custom Snapback Hats game with us.


My very 1st Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat

vintage 1979 new era pittsburgh pirates snapback hatI’ll never forget the day I owned a Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat. It was indeed a New Era item and it was a hand me down from my Big Brother. He played for the local little league team and they were actually called the Pirates. He bought the hat to express allegiance to his little league team. He played in the hat so much that it became worn and dirty. In his eyes it got so bad that he contemplated throwing it away but on deeper thought. He knew I’ll benefit from it as I admired the hat as a whole. I mean, it was made different from all other hats. It was styled sorta like a Military Style Cap with rings around it and the capital P for Pirates. New era made the Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat in 1979.
It was a hot day in 1984 when my Big Brother called me in the room and tossed me the day with the words “It’s yours now!” My smile was brighter than the sizzling sun. That was the day my life had changed and my infinite love for Snapback Hats began. What my brother saw as a dusty beatup hat I saw something much more prominent. An item for fashion!

Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat

I cleaned it up the old school way by running my toothbrush along some soap and scrubbing away and the hat. I used my Moms mannequin head where she use to put her wigs on and made sure the hat stayed with it’s natural fitted look. By the time it was dry I put it on with an old yellow sesame street shirt and walked to the playground for the other kids to just look at my wardrobe.

Ya see you have to understand that a true hathead love runs deep and it starts in early childhood. That Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hatset the stage for what it is today: The Premier Creator of Custom Snapback Hats. This is my business and I’m a success at it. We sell over 100 hats a month and that’s all because of what happened in 1984. The christening of a True HatHead!


Snapback Hat Collection

New Era Snapback Hat CollectionWhen you a true HatHead your Snapback Hat Collection reigns supreme in your repertoire of things to wear. You know your collection shall rest in a place that promotes cleanliness and resistance to dirt and dust. I met one head that kept his 50 hat collection in a glass case.
Yuh see us Hatheads have deep and sincere love for our Snapback Hat Collection. So if we keeping our collection is let’s say a closet. No one can enter there unless invited. a mere guest can just lay there eyes on what we hold as true and dear. We invite you to check our our Snapback Hat Collection just to show-off. An act of “Yea, look how many I got”.
Some of us are meticulous in where and how we keep our collection. I met one guy that had his hats in order of colors and sizes. It was a creative way to keep them because he said when he wanted to select a hat for the day. He simply followed the colored and voila, case closed within seconds.
Another guy kept his hats in a closet with lights beaming down on them. Yuh know how Car Dealerships have the lights beaming down on the shiny cars to make them more attractive? Well, that’s how he had em. He went on to say just viewing his Snapback Hat Collection from a distance put his mind, body, and spirit at ease.

Snapback Hat Collection

Another guy had his collection based off his favorite team. Whenever they play and he had time, he would go to his dresser, put on his hat, and that empowered him to be more than just a fan, he was part of the team. This is the love of a hathead!
But if you like me, your hat is more than just a representation of your favorite team. It’s a fashion statement! I put that in bold on purpose. I wear outfits of different colors and styles. But it can’t be completed if the Snapback isn’t matching an reigning supreme. Our hats stands on the top of our heads like a crown. It’s the 1st thing an onlooker notices. So if ya shit is not clean, top notch, and of good quality. You half stepping! When you seek serious style you better 1at and foremost get your Snapback Hat Collection in order. I own over 100 hats. How many you got?