New Era Golf Hat

New Era, known for its on-field caps of the MLB and NFL leagues has entered a new division of Sports – Golf! If you’ve ever seen a game of golf. You’ll notice that golfers frequently wear hats. Their hats are made slightly different from MLB Fitted Hats and Snapbacks. Golfers hats have a sloping crown and u-shaped long bill. They frequently wear the Titliest hats.
But now a new player has entered the arena. He’s already an established giant in the hat making game and his name is New Era. New Era is establishing a foothold in the golfing community and is now producing Snapback Hats for its players.

The company’s signature golf design is the Contour Tech hat. This is the only hat to feature CoolSkin technology, a fabric that can absorb heat from key areas and reduce the player’s skin temperature.

All hats will feature a performance sweatband with MicroEra, used to reduce odor and eliminate sweat stains. Plus, the hats will be designed with Contour-Bonded technology, which assembles the cap without stitching to make the headwear lighter.

The hats feature the company’s newest propriety technology, Outlast, a fabric that is capable of storing and releasing heat depending on weather conditions.

“This is taking headwear in general into a difference universe,” said E.J. Flammer, New Era senior marketing manager for golf.

Five hats in seven colors will be available in stores mid-March. So if you a golf fan. Check it out!

New Era Golf Hat

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Best Selling Cap for the month of March

golden skull snapback hat
The results are in for the Best Selling Cap for month of March. With an outstanding sell of 794 hats. Our Golden Skull Cap is our Best Selling Cap for the Month of March. People from all over the Globe have been putting their orders in after they saw Wiz Khalifa sporting the Cap at his performance at an awards show. The demand for this hat got so serious that we sold out of our in-house stock in the 1st week of March. As we started to run low we immediately contacted our manufacturer to start production on more Golden Skull Caps. We ran out so fast that we went 3 days with no caps at all. Out of stock!
As we have hardcore customers they still put in orders. As we got the shipment from our Manufacturer we shipped out orders with an extra piece of accessory from our Wood Jewelry Collection. The extra accessory was for the love we got for our customers.
The Golden Skull Snapback Cap is made of an assortment of Shiny Jewels, Gems, and Buttons.But the main part that everyone loves is the Golden Skull with spikes around it on the crown of the hat.
It sticks out as a symbol of success. The bill of the hat has a Golden Plate on it. Also a main piece
of the hat that everyone talks about is the Golden Chain that wraps around where the crown meets the bill.

golden skull snapback winter photos (4) golden skull snapback winter photos (3) golden skull snapback hat

Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats? [Video]

*Warning: Adult Subject Matter*
can sex sell snapback hats

As any seasoned marketer and/or advertiser will tell you. Sex and Violence Sells! There’s something about these two elements that naturally grab our attention. For example, Godaddy showcases steamy commercials especially during the Super Bowl. Such imagery and sound stimulates men and when it’s time to do business. Consumers choose what satisfied them. And that’s why GoDaddy is the #1 domain registry in the world.
But I’m not about to give a marketing lesson. We sell Snapback Hats! So since we market to the Urban HipHop Community, Sex and Violence comes along with it. On any given day you’ll see Rappers wearing our hats in there Music Video’s and other media material. The Rap Group Migos just recently wore our hats in a MTV interview. They spoke of the violence and sex in their songs.
But unbeknownst to us one of our customers took it to the max when he sunt us a video of him Deep Dicking some Light Skinned Long Hair Thick Chick. We had a little promo for our core customers and asked them to send us photo’s and video’s of them wearing our hats. And I admit, we got some pretty interesting material. But none like the one who sunt us the sex video.
Me and my colleagues (Mostly Male) sat in our seats with mouths drop like “O My”, here’s a guy screwing a nice looking chick while both of them are wearing our hats. She was wearing our Pink Queen Snapback Hat, while he was wearing our Black Darkside Skull Hat. He was some goon smoking weed and throwing up gang signs while screwing this sexy chick. But he’s cool with us as he’s a valuable customer.
As we sat back contemplating what to do with this special content we landed on the subject of “Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats”? On a deeper level, given who our target market is. We believe so, so here is the sound of the video of the dude fucking some chick while wearing our Snapback Hats

Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats?

Hats that never go out of style

how New Era makes their famous NY Fitted Hat
Lately, Theirs been a lot of talk about “Snapbacks making a comeback”. People stated that Snapbacks were in style in the 80s and early 90s but took a turn South for awhile. But theirs a problem with that train of thought, especially to a true Hathead. Ya see to us Hats never go out of style. To us, when one got old or dirty we simply bought another. Overtime a collection is built and next thing it know, you have a hat for everyday of the year. To a true hathead their is no downtime.
To this day, I can’t count how many Ny Fitted Hats I’ve owned from New Era. I’ve had at least 20 in my lifetime. All styles and colors. Fitted and Snapback. There are Hats that never go out of style and the NY fitted Hat is one of them. In fact, I bought a fresh new crispy one just last week. From your favorite rapper to best entertainer. At some point you’re gonna see them in the finest of Headwear.
This is where we SkichDesigns come into play. A hat manufacturer hailing from the urban streets of Chicago. We do hats! Because we know tru hatheads constantly seek for those Hats that never go out of style. The attention is in the detail and the highest quality of work. That’s why we came into the game and strive for success and succeeded in our mission to become the best we can in the Snapback Hats game. We design Hats that never go out of style!

photoshoot of our snapback hats


A Winter Photoshoot of Our Snapback Hats

Photoshoot of our Snapback Hats

It was a nice warm winter day in the city so we decided to takeΒ A Winter Photoshoot of Our Snapback Hats. We were sitting in SkichDesigns offices and grabbed a few of the display hats off the shelves and headed to the park with Camera in hand. The sun was shining just right and the snow was nice and fluffy. We couldn’t resist taking our High Quality Snapbacks out for a shoot. Below are a few pictures and also a video:

Photoshoot of Our Snapback Hats

photoshoot of our snapback hatsΒ IMG_4536 IMG_4541 IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4549 IMG_4554 IMG_4530

As you can see we aim to please when it comes to Snapbacks. This isn’t a game to us as we’re hatheads. We need and demand our manufacturers send us our product in it’s Highest Quality. If not, we send it back. Stepping out in the world has a statement and having fashionable headgear is mandatory. So until next time, Peace Out HatHeads…