New Era Hats Made In China

new era hats stars and stripes made in china
As an Avid New Era Fan. I hold a collection of more than 100 New Era Hats that are in all styles and colors. I’ve been sporting em since a youth and knew there history quite well. New Era is a company that started in 1920 by German immigrant by a German Immigrant by the name of Ehrhardt Koch.
New Era, to me, was that All American Company built by Americans that employ Americans. In fact, even my recent How New Era handles it’s distribution was appreciated due to the fact the factory was in America.

New Era Hats Made In China

However, I just received two of the 2015 Stars and Stripes Texas Rangers and New York Yankees New new era hats made in chinaEra Caps and just so happen to look under the lid and see HECHO IN CHINA, That’s translated Made In China. I initially took it as a slap in the face because these specific hats represented America, along with it’s flag printed on crown, and it’s to honor Independence Day, 4th of July.

Now you have to understand something. Plenty companies are outsourcing there business to China. I’ve been seeing the “Made in China” tab on products since I been born. And given the economy, just for a business to survive they have to outsource to China for there cheap labor. If you know and got a business with products you’ll understand.

But why did it have to be the Stars and Stripes edition? New Era could’ve easily produce other type of hats in China, why this one? Make no mistake, New Era do have manufacturing builings in America. So why not be a good patriotic business and produce the Stars and Stripes Edition in America? Guess it’s only a question they can ask. Cus as of now, New Era Hats Made In China.

Mitchell and Ness Hats made in Vietnam

And while I was at it, I went through my collection and also discovered Mitchell and Ness (Philadelphia mitchell and ness hats made in chinacompany) Hats are produced in Vietnam. Hey, guess working conditions in Asia is improving, lol.