Brand Building Promotions

Skich Snapback Hats Promo PostersAs we are preparing for the Cold Season. We are preparing for a Promotional Onslaught of OUR band Many people who are clueless to marketing will wonder why are we promoting Snapback Hats in the winter.
Well, for one, people still do wear hats in Winter but this mission of ours is deeper than just the advertising of our hats.
This mission is about Brand Building. Ya see, this winter campaign is to sear our brand onto the minds of consumers. Make us memorable perse’. So when the spring and summer months roll around we’ll release new designs.
So as we continue to grow as a business we know our push to massive success has no ends. It’s a constant push towards Major Success. We’re not doing this just to say we made some money so lets move on. We doing this hard work so our children can eat off our hustle.
We got 30K posters printed so be expecting to see them all throughout the city…

–Peace, Skich-