Don C Aka Just Don doesn’t know what a real Buck 50 Hat is

don c just don hats buck 50

A colleague recently sent us a GQ Magazine story of Don C aka Just Don Hats. For the gist of the story they spoke of The Buck 50 Hat and it’s origins.
I, Us, We, as well as the City of Chicago have a problem with that. In the interview, he says that original Buck 50 Hats were made by seamstresses from the neighborhoods and they were sold in liquor stores and convenience stores etc. In his words, the Buck 50 Hat is simply a team hat with snakeskin on brim, top button, and strapback. Totally false!

1st- off, A Real Buck 50 Hat has a clock on the front with a winged design. NOT TEAM HATS! We’re not gonna go into the specifics on what a Buck50 is in this post, but if you want to know, checkout the story we previously wrote here.

The true offense and insult that Don C spews out to the world is not only that he doesn’t know what a real Buck50 is, but he don’t acknowledge the True Originator of the Buck 50 Hat. His name was Red (May he R.I.P) and his hats were legendarily sold at Breyers. All the “80s 90s Drug Dealers” he speaks on knows this. So do every Chicago Cat that knows Chicago.

This isn’t a hate post towards Don C. More like an informative one. We respect his comeup in the hats game. We just wish he’ll name his style something else or tell the true story. Don’t get the spotlight and tarnish the true definition of a Buck Fiddy. Because in doing so, you’re spitting on the originators grave.

If you’re interested in copping a Real Buck 50 Hat or simply seeing one. Check em out here!

Checkout the GQ Magazine interview and false information with Don-C: