Buck 50 Hats: To Glue or Sew?

Leather Buck 50 HatAs the resurgence/popularity of Buck 50 Hats grow, So does the competition. We are Industry Standard and set the pace and the competition knows this so they bite our style. You got your regular guy in his bedroom or basement thats customize hats and of course, you got the kings of counterfeit people the asians competing. Nothing wrong with competition, it keeps you on your toes.
However, these cats are making there hats with glue. Now that’s laughable. It may look good to the eyes the 1st few days but after a few wears, the hat will start to follow apart, glue doesn’t hold up even if it’s “Krazy” or “Gorilla”. Once the air or a little water hits it, it breaks down!
We have an influx of customers that contact us in hopes of fixing what yall have sold them. 90% of these customers are turned down because we’re not in the business of fixing glued shit!
Real Buck 50 Hats are sewn. Sewing guarantees longevity! Its wearable through rain, sleet, snow. Look at the clothes you’re wearing RIGHT NOW! Is it sewn or glued? It’s sewn because of the strength!
Breyer’s, the originator of Buck 50 Hats sew there hats.
Using glue and inferior fabric will guarantee that you’ll always take 2nd and last place to us. We have nothing against us to compete! We don’t need to elevate our game because we are the Status Quo. Take a look at Our Instagram. Fire! Call us Arsonists because we’re gonna continue to bring heat after heat. And it’s gonna be done thread by thread. And you keep using glue by glue. We win!