Chicago winter

7 reasons to hate Chicago Winters!

Chicago winterChicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A major city in the middle of the midwest. We have a busy downtown with tall skyscraper buildings. It connects to and from Lake Shore Drive. An expressway that rides up along the waters of he beautiful Lake Michigan. We call it the Lakefront! On any given day you can walk outside and see a diverse sea of people. We have an amazing CTA transportation that operates 24 hours a day. All this beauty exists in the summer!
In contrast to the beauty of summer, is the sorrow of Chicago Winters. Throughout History Chicago has had record breaking painful winters. In the winter 2011 Chicago saw a snowfall that shutdown the whole city, left drivers stranded, and businesses shuttered.
After growing up in Chicago, one may think you get used to these winters. But as I’ve just stepped inside from a 6 degree wind chill. I digress, I can never get used to this shit! I hate it!

7 reasons to hate Chicago Winters

1. The weather can drop 20 degrees below on any given winter day

2. It starts to get dark around 4pm. Who the hell wants to get off work with a feeling like its 10pm?

3. You have to start your car 20 minutes before just so its warm and snuggly

4. Your heating bill goes through the roof

5. Your car door is frozen shut, windows iced, gotta shovel out

6. Christmas music starts playing when Thanksgiving haven’t even made its presence known

7. Traffic Jams and Slow Traffic on streets and expressways

Chicago Winters

Some people, especially caucasians don’t mind the winter. They adore and invite it. In fact, often you see them in shorts taking a jog in below zero weather. I never understood that one! Polar Bear Gene possibly?
I love my City but they can keep its winters. My plan when I get rich is too love in Chicago for the summer. And live in warmer climates in the winter. Chicago Winters is just that brutal! Even the news station gives it reasons why Chicago Winters are brutal