Our new Chicago Streetwear Clothing T-Shirts Line

At the heart of our movement, we’re Designers. Chicago Streetwear Clothing connoisseurs. So given we’re connected to the streets of course we’re gonna continue to serve you our legendary doses of Buck50 Hats. But to up the ante, we’re currently producing our T-Shirt Line. It’s gonna be loaded with flare, swag, and dopeness. We’re not just throwing a little ink on shirts and calling it a day.
We’re making these swagged-out shirts with mixed media – That is to say you’re getting ScreenPrint, Glitter, Rhinestones, Distressing, and no telling what else. Cuz you see, we’re like you, not only do we make dope hats and apparel. But we also create it.
This is High Fashion and Chicago Streetwear Clothing in its purest form.
So as you surf our site for hats, make sure you cop a shirt to match! We promise you’ll be swagged-out and causing heads to turn it your direction.
This is Chicago Streetwear Clothing at it’s highest fashionable sense. As seen with your favorite HipHop Rappers and Celebs. We strive to offer apparel on a whone new different and unparelled level.
Not only will you look good in our Clothing, but you’ll also feel good as we use Premium material to create our product on
CheckOut these pics and video:


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Top Ten Best Selling New Era Hats of All Time

Yahoo Sports created a list of the Top Ten Best Selling New Era Hats of All Time. New Era is the epitome of Quality and Design. They’ve grounded themselves in history as the greatest hat maker to ever exist. They are the Official Hatmakers of the MLB and NFL. Through their near century existence, some hat’s and there designs rose to prominence. Rather to represent your favorite team or for fashion. Their is no doubt that New Era is the Boss in this hat making game. Though New Era makes hat for all sports teams. These are the vintage caps. This Top 10 list is exclusively from the MLB line. Checkout the list below:

Top Ten Best Selling New Era Hats of All Time

1o. St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinal New Era on all time best selling listWith the overlapping STL letters with black outlining. This red hat captures the 10 place spot.








9. San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Giants New Era on all time best selling listThe overlapping SF orange letters with matching orange bill with dark blue 6 panel sides, front, and back







8. Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies New Era on all time best selling listThe vintage P symbol with the orangey/reddish all around design






7. Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates New Era on all time best selling listThe golden P letters stands out on the all black cap. The pirates caps is legendary as their ancestor was a round squared military style cap







6. Chicago White Sox
Chicago White Sox New Era on all time best selling listThe diagonal English Letters overlapping cap on all black fabric






5. Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers New Era on all time best selling listThe blue cap with LA block letters emboldened on front








4. Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Reds New Era on all time best selling listThe white C with drop shadow. Red panels and black bill with black top button to match







3. Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox New Era on all time best selling listThe bold and red B letter in frony and dark blue all around






2. Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Braves New Era on all time best selling listThe incursive A crossed with battle axe outlined with blue and white. Red bill with matching red top button







1. New York Yankees
New York Yankees New Era on all time best selling listThe NY hat takes the all time #1 best selling cap for New Era. With it’s navy blue panels and NY letters overlapped on front. This cap is a mainstay in urban hip hop culture







Snapback versus Fitted Hats

custom snapback hats
There was this big debate in hatland world one one head asked HatHeads, It was a debate about Snapback versus Fitted Hats and which you prefer?
A Snapback Hat is a hat that has the adjustable strap on the back. Snapbacks are cheaper than fitted hats. Though trucker hats that come with pre-bent bill has a snapback on it it’s not referred to a Snapback. It’s called a Trucker hat. Snapbacks is an urban term for flat billed caps.
A Fitted Hat (called Flexfit in some places) is an unadjustable hat that comes in one size only. It fits around the entire head. Fitted caps come in a variety of sizes and styles. Both Snapbacks and Fitted Hats has it’s advantages. If you particularly buy New Era Hats you’ll find their designs come in both fitted and snapbacks.
You can buy caps to represent your favorite team but most people buy hats for a stype. The Snapback verses Fitted Hats might just have a design that’s raw ass hell or a color that’s on point. It may go witcha outfit or with a fresh pair of shades.
We here at Skich Designs represent that love you got for Snapback versus Fitted Hats. Log on and check our large variety of caps to choose from…

Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hat

Chicago buck 50 wing ding Let’s get one thing straight! Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hats started in Chicago. The style itself has transcended many cultures and fashion but when one speak on it you gotta pay homage to it’s birthplace, which is Chi-Town.
Now the reason Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hats has lost it’s spice is because no one really stepped in to claim the style. Back in the 80s and 90s Buck 50s were sold in Korean and Chinese Clothing Shops. The reason it’s called “Buck 50” is because typically, $150 is how much they costed. An aka of that is called a “Wing Ding” because of the Wings on the front of the cap.
Yuh see in todays time a lot of Cats throw a little snakeskin on the Bills and snapback of their favorite teams hats. But just because you do that doesn’t make it a Buck 50. Just call it a Snakeskin hat!

Chicago 150 wing ding capTrue Chicago Niggaz know that a real Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hat consists of Snakeskin on  the brim. Snakeskin on the snapback, and snakeskin on the front cover design. The front cover design is made into a winglike shape. That’s where the aka name is added “Wing ding”. On the top of that wingding cover design is a blinged out watch. And that my friends, is what you call a real Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hat.
Mostly, in the summer days of Chicago you’ll see these types of hats worn by hustlers and ballers. The $150 price separated the Men from the Boys.
When you step on the scene with a Wing Ding niggaz knew you were about that business.
I’m greatful such a site as SkichDesign.com has brought back the original
style of Buck 50s. Without them, the OG style would be lost in copycats. So if you want to purchase a Chicago Buck 50 Snakeskin Wing Ding Hat. Log on now and we’ll take care of you!

Chicago buck 50 wing ding caps










Best Way to clean your Snapback Hat

Cleaning your snapback hat
For thorough Hat Heads the real way to handle a dirty snapback is to simply buy another one. Nothing like the look, feel, and smell of a new Hat. But for you guys that want to preserve ya already owned Cap. We got some tips for you to clean your snapback hat
For starters, sometimes you can find cleaning instructions on the tag underneath your Snapback. If you can;t find the instructions you made see what the hat is made off. Snapbacks Hats are typically made of Cotton Twill, Cotton Polyester, Wool, and Jersey Mesh.
Many newer snapbacks got plastic brims. You can put these in a laundry machine because they are not likely to deform or shrink.
Now, a true hat head will advise you to never wash your hat in a washing machine. It will deform your hat, maybe shrink it,or make it crooked. Back in the good ol days we used a toothbrush and laundry detergent. However, time is passing and new cleaning technologies have arrived. Such as The New Era Re-Cap Cleaning Kit. Per its description this kit Restore the original lustre of all New Era caps. A simple three step process cleans, shapes, and restores.
Overall, we recommend staying old school with it and clean your snapback hat by hand.

Clean your snapback hat By Hand:

Mix a concoction of warm water and laundry detergent in a bowl. You can use a washcloth to dip in bowl. Then wipe the Cap inside and out. Make sure you lightly wiping. Keep washing until clean. When it reaches your clean satisfaction levels. Rinse the hat under cool running water to remove any soap residue, then blot the hat with a towel until dry.
It pays off to allow the hat to dry off on a head shaped items such as a mannequin, ball, coffee can etc.
Also, if you want to find the latest in Snapback Designs, check them out here!

Do you know Snapback Hats?

Unkut - Red 4A lot of these cats in the Snapback Hats game got the game misconstrued. There’s one thing to wear snapback, a different one to sell them.
You have to know Snapbacks. A true Snapback Head has a closet, shelf, or dresser filled with the hats themselves. These hats must compliment your style. There’s many different colors just like its many different designs.
We here at Skich Designs know what Snapbacks are. We live, eat, breath this game. In fact, a criteria of being employed by us is you must own a collection of snapbacks.
As a lover of Snapbacks we understand that High Quality matters and we go out of our way to assure that not only are our designs top notch, the the threading and  material are of it’s highest quality as well. Ya see we do Quality Control around here. And since we know Snapbacks nothing passes us until it’s reached our satisfaction.

Snapback Hats

When you dress down in an outfit you wrap the outfit around the color and design or your hat, not vice versa. Our unique and custom style assures you that you’re gonna turn heads when you step out. People will want to know where you copped your cap from.

We here at SkichDesigns.com are committed to the Snapback Hats game. Though we have accessories, our main product is Snapback Hats. Our team of designers are committed to giving you the finest cap to walk the streets. We ship worldwide and our Caps can be found in stores throughout America.
We are dedicated in our mission to become leaders in ths game. So if this your 1st time experiencing us, we welcome you! All our loyal customers. We love you!

SkichMade 4 Life!

Custom Snapback Hats

custom snapback hatsThis story is about Custom Snapback Hats. We believe a such story is necessary because some of you cats got the Custom Snapback Hats game misconstrued. First off, per merriam-webster dictionary, Custom means “an action or way of behaving that is usual and traditional among the people in a particular group or place“. The group is Snapback Heads. The tradition is something specific to that group. That something specific is “Design”. Hate to bust your bubble but You not rocking “Custom” if your hat is worn by the masses. You stand out when you step on the scene with something  new and different. Nothing wrong with rocking a vintage New Era or 59fifty fitted hats. We all own em! But sometimes it’s no necessary to step on the scene with something different. That’s when cats staring at your headpiece and asking questions like “Damn Dog, where you get that from?”

Custom Snapback Hats

This is where SkichDesigns, The Premiere Creator of Custom Snapback Hats comes into play. We are not only sellers of Custom Snapback Hats, but we have closets and shelves full of Snapback Hats. We take this game very seriously and that’s why our customer clientele is highly exclusive. We don’t allow you to step outside in the public with your headpiece not represented in the highest fashion. We don’t disrespect like that!
Rather we designing these Custom Snapback Hats with shiny gems or the finest of threads we go out our way to assure that our Custom Snapback Hats are the finest in the game. Our success proves that philosophy.
So next time you step out and you want to be a Playa about it, bounce on over to our website and cop yaself a real Snapback. Playaz Only!