baby aka birdman of cash money

Birdman cops Brand New Bugatti

birdman brand new red and black bugatti
As we’ve recently reported, Birdman is going into debt. But Birdman cops Brand New Bugatti recently that’s all red and black and it doesn’t seem like he’s in debt. Or is it all a show to make it appear he isn’t in debt? Before we discuss the lavishness of his Bugatti let’s talk about reputation from the entertainment perspective. Just like Donald Trump sued a newspaper for stating he was only a millionaire was a business move. Trump is synonymous with wealth. So his wealth must be projected int the billiobs as his clients as him to be. Same thing with Birdman. He’s known for flossing Money, Jewelry, and Cars. Ya know his organization started the Bling Bling movement. So stories of jim going into debt is a dent in his public persona. So how to combat that dent? Buy an expensive Bugatti like he did.
Lol, The Bugatti is bad! Custom Red and Black Colors to represent his Blood Gang Ties. New leather comfortable seats and a sound system that sounds like a concert. A Bugatti in itself cost $225K. So to get it customed to the likes of Birdman status. Ya gotta tack on another $100k. So will this repair the damage of his going into debt issues? Probable not! But he’ll ride clean for awhile! lol,

birdman red bugattirich gang cash money birdman of cash money representing rich gang baby aka birdman of cash money birdman of cash money