can sex sell snapback hats

Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats? [Video]

*Warning: Adult Subject Matter*
can sex sell snapback hats

As any seasoned marketer and/or advertiser will tell you. Sex and Violence Sells! There’s something about these two elements that naturally grab our attention. For example, Godaddy showcases steamy commercials especially during the Super Bowl. Such imagery and sound stimulates men and when it’s time to do business. Consumers choose what satisfied them. And that’s why GoDaddy is the #1 domain registry in the world.
But I’m not about to give a marketing lesson. We sell Snapback Hats! So since we market to the Urban HipHop Community, Sex and Violence comes along with it. On any given day you’ll see Rappers wearing our hats in there Music Video’s and other media material. The Rap Group Migos just recently wore our hats in a MTV interview. They spoke of the violence and sex in their songs.
But unbeknownst to us one of our customers took it to the max when he sunt us a video of him Deep Dicking some Light Skinned Long Hair Thick Chick. We had a little promo for our core customers and asked them to send us photo’s and video’s of them wearing our hats. And I admit, we got some pretty interesting material. But none like the one who sunt us the sex video.
Me and my colleagues (Mostly Male) sat in our seats with mouths drop like “O My”, here’s a guy screwing a nice looking chick while both of them are wearing our hats. She was wearing our Pink Queen Snapback Hat, while he was wearing our Black Darkside Skull Hat. He was some goon smoking weed and throwing up gang signs while screwing this sexy chick. But he’s cool with us as he’s a valuable customer.
As we sat back contemplating what to do with this special content we landed on the subject of “Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats”? On a deeper level, given who our target market is. We believe so, so here is the sound of the video of the dude fucking some chick while wearing our Snapback Hats

Can Sex Sell Snapback Hats?