Car Salesman Tricks

Don’t fall for car salesman tricks this 2015 tax season

Car Salesman TricksCar Salesman are the most conniving and dishonest people on the planet. They have a nasty history of selling beatup cars for overvalued prices to unwittingly folks. Car Salesman Tricks can be found in dealerships that sale new cars and especially used cars. My friend Raydio G gave a simple but to the point video presentation of how these Car Salesman Tricks are played on the unknowingly public.
Car Salesman tricks be on full display during Tax Season. Ya see how stores have Big Sales on Black Friday? That is to clear their inventory for the new shopping season. Specifically Christmas. Well, Car Dealerships do the same thing during Tax Season. They need people to come in and buy their cars for the summer and spring season. The catch is, you don’t get it for sale. They do it for gain. I’ll tell you how in 2 different way:

1st scenario: Car Salesman Tricks for newer cars

You step in the dealership with the hopes of getting a Brand New 2015 car. And quite possibly, you may get that new car. But is it the one you really wanted? For ex. You walk into a dealership looking for maybe a 2012 Toyota Camry. Now you know your credit ain’t shit, but you just hoping they’ll let you slide because you got your big tax money and you can use it for a down payment. So they run your credit and they look at it across the desk with the sad face and say something like “I got good news and bad news. The bad news is I can’t get you the 2012 Camry, but what I can do is get you this 2014 Yaris“. Now think about that, WTF IS A YARIS?! And yes it’s an actual car! But you’ll buy it because it’s a new car and that’s what you want. But your interest rates will be through the roof, not to mention insurance payments.

2nd scenario: Car Salesman Tricks for newer cars

Now Used Car Salesman are the real sharks in this game. They eat you for breakfast! So these guys accept anyone. And they love you during tax season. Thing is they know your credit is fucked up too. They know you craving a car so what they do is over-price you for a car. Let’s say you filed some kids on your taxes and got $6,000. They’ll touch on stories about building your credit and then would sell you a 2005 used car with high mileage. And it may look nice but they sold it to you for $11,000 when it’s really worth $6,000. They take your $6,000 as a down payment and give you the car. Before you leave though you gotta get insurance and the high interest rates and high monthly payments don’t bother you at the moment because now you driving.
After a few months reality kick in and you know the car was worth way less. You may have to get a few repairs. May had to get air conditioner fixed or heat working. Then you can’t afford them car notes and insurance payments so you say fuck it. I’m not gonna pay anymore and after few months. The car is repossessed and you back at square one. And, with credit worst than before!

So be smart my beautiful people. Don’t let the Car Salesman Tricks get you into deeper debt.