Our new Chicago Streetwear Clothing T-Shirts Line

At the heart of our movement, we’re Designers. Chicago Streetwear Clothing connoisseurs. So given we’re connected to the streets of course we’re gonna continue to serve you our legendary doses of Buck50 Hats. But to up the ante, we’re currently producing our T-Shirt Line. It’s gonna be loaded with flare, swag, and dopeness. We’re not just throwing a little ink on shirts and calling it a day.
We’re making these swagged-out shirts with mixed media – That is to say you’re getting ScreenPrint, Glitter, Rhinestones, Distressing, and no telling what else. Cuz you see, we’re like you, not only do we make dope hats and apparel. But we also create it.
This is High Fashion and Chicago Streetwear Clothing in its purest form.
So as you surf our site for hats, make sure you cop a shirt to match! We promise you’ll be swagged-out and causing heads to turn it your direction.
This is Chicago Streetwear Clothing at it’s highest fashionable sense. As seen with your favorite HipHop Rappers and Celebs. We strive to offer apparel on a whone new different and unparelled level.
Not only will you look good in our Clothing, but you’ll also feel good as we use Premium material to create our product on
CheckOut these pics and video:


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Don C Aka Just Don doesn’t know what a real Buck 50 Hat is

don c just don hats buck 50

A colleague recently sent us a GQ Magazine story of Don C aka Just Don Hats. For the gist of the story they spoke of The Buck 50 Hat and it’s origins.
I, Us, We, as well as the City of Chicago have a problem with that. In the interview, he says that original Buck 50 Hats were made by seamstresses from the neighborhoods and they were sold in liquor stores and convenience stores etc. In his words, the Buck 50 Hat is simply a team hat with snakeskin on brim, top button, and strapback. Totally false!

1st- off, A Real Buck 50 Hat has a clock on the front with a winged design. NOT TEAM HATS! We’re not gonna go into the specifics on what a Buck50 is in this post, but if you want to know, checkout the story we previously wrote here.

The true offense and insult that Don C spews out to the world is not only that he doesn’t know what a real Buck50 is, but he don’t acknowledge the True Originator of the Buck 50 Hat. His name was Red (May he R.I.P) and his hats were legendarily sold at Breyers. All the “80s 90s Drug Dealers” he speaks on knows this. So do every Chicago Cat that knows Chicago.

This isn’t a hate post towards Don C. More like an informative one. We respect his comeup in the hats game. We just wish he’ll name his style something else or tell the true story. Don’t get the spotlight and tarnish the true definition of a Buck Fiddy. Because in doing so, you’re spitting on the originators grave.

If you’re interested in copping a Real Buck 50 Hat or simply seeing one. Check em out here!

Checkout the GQ Magazine interview and false information with Don-C:

The story of Buck 50 Hats

buck50 hats from chicago
Buck 50 Hats has made a major comeback since it’s heydey of the 80s & 90s. They way they were originated was by happenstance.

This is the The story of Buck 50 Hats

A Chicago Street Hustler walked into Breyers and told Red that he wanted a custom baseball hat with snakeskin on it. Red was already customizing hats by putting snakeskin on the brim, top button, and turning the snapback into a snakeskin strapback. The hustler told him he wanted some kind of jewels on the hat.
So as Red was going through options he saw the wings on an old Air Force Jacket. That gave him the idea to put wings on the hat. Afterall, it would match the already snakeskin brim and everything else. But then he couldn’t really decide on what Jewelry to add onto the hat. The thoughts of pendants crossed his mind but never came to fruition. And as he walked through Breyers he saw the watches and it itstantly hit him that a shiny watch in the middle of the wings would look Pimpish. – The Buck 50 Hats was born!
Little did he know he started a style that would become a Status Symbol of Hustlers. Cats poured into Breyers to get there paws on one. Sometimes, even waiting weeks as he was so backed up.
We called em Buck50 because that’s how much they cost, $150. That was the determining factor that separated the Big Boys from the small ones. Cuz everyone couldn’t afford em but Hustlers.

But as we expound on The story of Buck 50 Hats a lot of people didn’t know what happened. The fame of Buck50 Hats just quietly went away. Well, 1st off Breyers closed down shop. Then, unfortunately, Red, The creator of Buck 50 Hats died.
So that left a gap of nearly 10 years that the world went without Authentic Buck 50 hats. Of course, Asian people attempted to capitalize off the famed Buck50 but flopped.

But then a Chicago Cat, by the name of Tory (of ChitownBuck50s) knew the inside ropes on how to make them and had the love for Buck50s. He breathe life back into the famed Buck50.
And today, Buck50 hats are legendary and worldwide.
SkichDesigns.com brings you Top Quality 100% Handmade Buck 50 hats. Log on right now and grab one today – Hurry as its limited supply!
Also, checkout our Facebook Page
— Deak

buck 50 hats wing ding hats

buck50 hats wing ding hats

buck 50 hats wing ding cap
buck 50 hat wing ding hatsbuck 50 hats wing dings buck50 hat wing ding hatsΒ  buck50 hat wing ding from chicago



How to make a Strapback Hat [Video]

A lot of aspiring cats been hitting us up asking us How to make a strapback hat. So we decided to open our vault n make a tutorial on how to do so. Previously, we were thinking of writing/typing it step by step but then our Ceo gave the idea to simply make a video of us making one and allow you, the viewer to “see” how a Strapback Cap is made.
So here’s the vid, enjoy!

BTW – Hopefully you jump on board and create your own hat. Or if you’re like us, start a hat business. We made $230k this year selling our Strapback Hats alone.

Brand Building Promotions

Skich Snapback Hats Promo PostersAs we are preparing for the Cold Season. We are preparing for a Promotional Onslaught of OUR band SkichDesigns.com. Many people who are clueless to marketing will wonder why are we promoting Snapback Hats in the winter.
Well, for one, people still do wear hats in Winter but this mission of ours is deeper than just the advertising of our hats.
This mission is about Brand Building. Ya see, this winter campaign is to sear our brand onto the minds of consumers. Make us memorable perse’. So when the spring and summer months roll around we’ll release new designs.
So as we continue to grow as a business we know our push to massive success has no ends. It’s a constant push towards Major Success. We’re not doing this just to say we made some money so lets move on. We doing this hard work so our children can eat off our hustle.
We got 30K posters printed so be expecting to see them all throughout the city…

–Peace, Skich-

Don’t buy your Custom Snapback Hats from Alibaba.com…

A lot of people who wants to get in the game of selling there own Snapbacks tend to always be lead to China Manufacturers – Specifically Alibaba.com. In face, even when we 1st started getting our own Snapbacks made we started with Alibaba/China.
Understand something, China is the counterfeit king of the world. They are Charlatan minded. They may sell you products that “look good”, but its with inferior material and understanding.
It’s a must to understand, mostly all products are made in China. But, that’s because Big Companies by factories there with High Quality Machinery to make there High Quality Products. They do it for the cheap labor. But these companies are exclusive to there own brands.

We’ve loss $1000s of dollars dealing with inferior hat factories out of China. They just don’t have there shit together. There’s 3 highly possible things that can happen when trying to get your caps made in China/Alibaba.
1. You see hats you like, you buy, when you get them they will be small ass fuck! It’s fitted for childrens heads. They are notorious for making very small hats. Makes me wonder is it because Chinese people are small headed.
2. You may be apprehensive in dealing with them so you get a sample hat. It’s actually nice. But once you do your full order. They’ll be different than your sample hat.
3. They not really a hatmaking company. They a trade company and when they get your money they’ll go to a factory they know of and get your bullshit looking hat.

Please understand, this post is specifically for the people who are on Alibaba. Most of Alibaba suppliers are traders and you can find the same hats on every suppliers page. They often showcase branded hats like New Era as well. If you do business on that site. Proceed with extreme caution.
Overall, this isn’t an attack post on China or it’s inhabitants.It’s those Charlatans who are not to be trusted.
Most Big Hat Companies in the game (New Era and Mitchell and Ness) have hats made there. When you can find a decent hatmaking company in America. More than likely they own there own factories somewhere in China.
Out of all the Premium High Quality Hatmaking companies we’ve did business with. They don’t offer there business on Alibaba for good reasons.
And just to close, currently, our hats are Made in China. But not by a Alibaba supplier. We stomping with the Big Dogs —
dont buy your snapback hats off alibaba

Top – 5 Snapback Hat Manufacturers

If you’ve made it to this post in hopes of designing your very own snapback headwear. Be prepared for some hard truths mingled with pros and cons. In one of my previous posts, I eluded to the fact that the Snapback Game is expensive.
Furthermore, if you do a Google Search on let’s say Custom Snapback Hats, Headwear Manufacturer, or Snapback Hatmakers, etc. You’re not gonna get a strong list of companies that can provide you with good quality service. But if you do find a couple, it’s gonna be a bullshit 1-person ran company making you low quality shitty hats from his basement, let alone brokering hats from China.
This post is for the smaller retail shops, websites, and people who trying to get custom snapback hats made.
Not only do we get our hats custom made. But we have been researching, googling, and communicating with a great number of Snapback Hat Manufacturers so we’ll like to give you a strong list of the Top – 5 Snapback Hat Manufacturers in the game. We’ll count em down from 5 (being the least) to 1 (being the greatest).
We’re basing this list on Quality of there product and Price, Feel free to breathe deep before the read:


5. New Era Hats:
Yes, The Market Leader, The Grand Daddy of Snapback Hats with its insane high quality has garnered the lowest position on this list. You can go into any store or online and buy New Era Hats and even make your own on there website New Era By You. But that’s where the bill ends. You’re making an already established sports team hat and its already established. For instance, you can custom make a Chicago Bulls hat to your like. You can choose ya different color schemes and all but it’s no originality if you want to create YOUR own hat with YOUR own design. In fact, New Era will tell you, there custom work is for Sports Team only. So if you a coach or something and gotta baseball team. They’ll assist you. But not the Kid who wants his own shit! Besides, who wouldn’t want there own design with New Era’s Crazy High Quality?

4. CustomSnapbacks.com:
Now this guy work is relative to all the other guys who sell below premium hats. In fact, group all the other mediocre websites you see along with this one. They all belong in this #4 position. This guy can embroider after market snapback hats. He’s in business and making some change but he can’t rock with the Big Boys. His embroidery quality is subpar. I mean, he can do up some hats with letters and simple designs. He don’t have the capacity to customize panels, eyelets, brims, underbrim, snapbacks, and screenprinting. He basically buy wholesale blank snapbacks and embroider on them. But when shitz need to be 100% customized, detailed, and of the highest crisp and clean embroidery. He can’t meet your top expectations. Hopefully, in the future he’ll make enough money to invest in a Superior Quality Barudan Embroidery machine. Cuz I do like this guy. Cool cat!

3. Alibaba.com
Now, Alibaba has 1000 of Trading/Manufacturing Companies claiming they do Superior Quality Snapbacks. But tread VERY lightly when dealing with these people. They from China, the counterfeit mecca of the world. If you want to seek a Snapback Hat maker then you really have to do your homework with them. When we 1st started getting out own Snapback Hats made we got burned twice by Alibaba Suppliers claiming they got good quality hats. The 1st time, the hats were actually nice, good embroidery by the photos they showed us. But by the time the 50 hats made it to us they were for the size of toddlers. The 2nd time, they had pics of hats they claimed they produced. We ordered, and got one of the world worst products known to man. But we did eventually find a legitimate Alibaba Supplier that created for us good quality hats. The key is to research the suppliers. Dont get fooled by the hats on there pages. Also, mostly all big companies (New Era, Mitchell and Ness) get there hats manufactured in China.

2. Pukka Inc.
Pukka Inc. is a diamond in the rough in the Custom Snapback Hats world. They totally understand the individual thats on a tight budget. They cater to the independent Headwear Brand. They offer Low minimums and high variety. I like them because of that. Mostly companies minimums be 100+, but there’s is 24 and 48 with High Quality Fully Customized Hats. Maybe you want to start out with a few hats to test the markey, different designs and colors and all, Well, look no further than Pukka.

1. RKDCo.
Now there’s only one thing I want you to know about RKD, “SUPREME QUALITY!”. Now if you want to get serious about your Snapback Brand then look into RKD. The quality of their hats rival the great New Era. Full customization. They literally give you a blank canvas. Anything you can imagine about hats, they can create it for you. Custom panels, eyelits, brims, snapbacks, screenprinting, the possibilities are endless with these guys.
They use the Highest Quality of Barudan Embroidery Machines. I cannot stress enough how superior there quality is. Crisp and clean embroidery.
However, you get what you pay for. They a little expensive in our opinion. They don’t give an opportunity of low minimums and various designs. In fact, there minimum is 100 hats per 1 design. The cost is between $7.99 to $16.99/per hat. So if you deal with them you coming off more than $1,000. Setup costs also may be included. I don’t know how your “Return on Investment” and “Profit Making” will look with dealing with these guys.
For the most part, Rkd deal with Big Companies like Redbull, Monster Drink, Sport Racing etc. Companies that can afford there prices. They don’t have a division of business dealing with smaller guys/companies. But hey, if you have a few $1,000s of dollars laying around. These ae the guys you looking for!

Snapback Hats Business is expensive

I’m making this post because a lotta cats see our Success and they ask “Is selling hats worth it?”, “Can I snapback hats business is expensivestart selling hats”, “Does selling hats make real money”?’
If I had a nickel for everytime such a question was asked I’ll be rich by now. Allow me to open ya mind. Hustlers sell just about any and everything. A direct familiar hustle of legit hustlers is the T-Shirt Game. Cats have came up selling T-Shirts and even I, myself sell them. It’s an easy hustle.
But have you ever heard of a nigga selling his own hats? No, you haven’t and it’s a reason for that. If you interested in creating your own line of Snapbacks then you better come to the game with over 5-figures because these Hat Manufacturing companies out here are not flexible.
Just about all of them have minimums of at least 100 hats per 1 design. Each hat will cost you on average $8 dollars. So thats $8×100=$800. Some have setup fees (threads/machines and shit), About $50. So at the least you coming off at least $1,000 for 100 hats. All these hats gotta be the same design.
In true business, you order low product and test it on the market. If it sells, you order more. So lets say you order them 100 hats n you dont have a following or customer base let alone crowds of folks you can promote too. Now here you are with 100 hats. Now if you a eal hustler you’ll get em off in time but on the contrary, A real hustler still wants faster money.
So now you may be asking. Why is the minimum so big? Well, Chloe over at Rkdco says Hat Manufacturers have assembly lines setup. When you create a design and want to put it on a hat. If goes from a computer. Setup has to be done. Threads and shit. To material used people. To cutting people. To sewing people. To embroidery people. To constructing people. To Quality Agents people. It’s an assembly.
So if you an up and coming wannabe Hat Pusher then you have to realize that small orders are not cost effective for Hat Production Lines in a warehouse. But, a Big But!, If you are a smart businessman you would designate an area of your facility to short runs. 25-50hats. Don’t turn away an enthused, driven, up-n-coming Hustler of hats. Because if you gets 100s of us. Then you making your big Money and annihilating your competition.

So that is one of the main reasons you don’t see cats selling hats with there own design. Hat manufacturers alienates. Most these Hat Manufacturers are in/from China and even they are hard-up about doing real business with startups.

So that’s the lowdown at the moment. Checkout our Snapback Hats on SkichDesigns.com

New Era Hats Made In China

new era hats stars and stripes made in china
As an Avid New Era Fan. I hold a collection of more than 100 New Era Hats that are in all styles and colors. I’ve been sporting em since a youth and knew there history quite well. New Era is a company that started in 1920 by German immigrant by a German Immigrant by the name of Ehrhardt Koch.
New Era, to me, was that All American Company built by Americans that employ Americans. In fact, even my recent How New Era handles it’s distribution was appreciated due to the fact the factory was in America.

New Era Hats Made In China

However, I just received two of the 2015 Stars and Stripes Texas Rangers and New York Yankees New new era hats made in chinaEra Caps and just so happen to look under the lid and see HECHO IN CHINA, That’s translated Made In China. I initially took it as a slap in the face because these specific hats represented America, along with it’s flag printed on crown, and it’s to honor Independence Day, 4th of July.

Now you have to understand something. Plenty companies are outsourcing there business to China. I’ve been seeing the “Made in China” tab on products since I been born. And given the economy, just for a business to survive they have to outsource to China for there cheap labor. If you know and got a business with products you’ll understand.

But why did it have to be the Stars and Stripes edition? New Era could’ve easily produce other type of hats in China, why this one? Make no mistake, New Era do have manufacturing builings in America. So why not be a good patriotic business and produce the Stars and Stripes Edition in America? Guess it’s only a question they can ask. Cus as of now, New Era Hats Made In China.

Mitchell and Ness Hats made in Vietnam

And while I was at it, I went through my collection and also discovered Mitchell and Ness (Philadelphia mitchell and ness hats made in chinacompany) Hats are produced in Vietnam. Hey, guess working conditions in Asia is improving, lol.