Air Jordan Shoes New Era Snapbacks

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Like seriously, is their anything New Era can’t create? There latest conquest is Air Jordan Shoes New Era Snapbacks. That is to say the Hat Designs are influenced from Michael Jordan iconic shoes.
It’s a six cap collection to honor the Six Championship (The 3-peats) The Chicago Bulls won due to the leadership of The Great Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan Shoes New Era Snapbacks

This is design and creativity at it’s finest.The shoes used for the Snapbac hats  are the Jordan III, IV, VII, XI, XIII, and XX9.

The collection is limited to 250 sets and is being sold exclusively at select Champs locations for $350.

Can you look at the hats and tell which shoe inspired it’s design?

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We designed Iman Shumpert Buck 50 Clock Hat

iman shumpert buck 50 clock hat

Iman Shumpert Buck 50 Clock Hat

Iman Shumpert got some slack via Social Media because he wore one of our Custom Buck 50 hats. He unleashed it to a world that’s not in the know of what a Buck 50 is. Iman gave a post-game interview in which he donned our Custom Buck 50 hat we made for him.
We appreciate Iman Shumpert Buck 50 Clock Hat wearing the cap as it opened up our Buck 50 style to the world. After his interview, we received orders for Buck 50s all day and night for weeks. Even Derrick Rose reached out to us for a Custom Joint.
So why would Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose don our Buck 50 hats? Cuz it’s a Chicago thing!

iman shumpert buck 50 clock hat iman shumpert buck 50 clock hat

New Era Golf Hat

New Era, known for its on-field caps of the MLB and NFL leagues has entered a new division of Sports – Golf! If you’ve ever seen a game of golf. You’ll notice that golfers frequently wear hats. Their hats are made slightly different from MLB Fitted Hats and Snapbacks. Golfers hats have a sloping crown and u-shaped long bill. They frequently wear the Titliest hats.
But now a new player has entered the arena. He’s already an established giant in the hat making game and his name is New Era. New Era is establishing a foothold in the golfing community and is now producing Snapback Hats for its players.

The company’s signature golf design is the Contour Tech hat. This is the only hat to feature CoolSkin technology, a fabric that can absorb heat from key areas and reduce the player’s skin temperature.

All hats will feature a performance sweatband with MicroEra, used to reduce odor and eliminate sweat stains. Plus, the hats will be designed with Contour-Bonded technology, which assembles the cap without stitching to make the headwear lighter.

The hats feature the company’s newest propriety technology, Outlast, a fabric that is capable of storing and releasing heat depending on weather conditions.

“This is taking headwear in general into a difference universe,” said E.J. Flammer, New Era senior marketing manager for golf.

Five hats in seven colors will be available in stores mid-March. So if you a golf fan. Check it out!

New Era Golf Hat

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Safaree SB Stunts – ALL WE DO IS STUNT, Ep.5 [Video]

safaree sb stunts
Safaree SB Stunts, Nicki Minaj ex-boo trying to make it seem he’s enjoying his life since separating from Nicki. Knowing damn well he miss her ass. In fact he’s lost and lonely without her. 2 days ago he made a twitter comment “I miss my old friend”. But he quickly deleted as fans started dissing him and tagging nicki in the tweet.
In this episode him and a bunch of riders hit the streets on Ny and peeled out on motorcycles. He did the video over an audio track of him trying to spit some lyrics. He’ll never make it. He lame. He needs Nicki!


Brittney Jones from Facebook

brittjones from facebookUnless you been living under a rock for the past few days then you done heard about this chick named Brittney Jones from Facebook giving a mean blowjob to one lucky well-endowed fellow. Hands down, this girl knows how to give good head. She has control over it and deepthroats the dick, lick the balls, does spit effects, no hands, and even throws a handjob in the mix.
She had the confidence to even upload it to her personal facebook page. Dudes from all walks of life commended her on her skills in hopes they get a shot at being a stunt cock. Ladies of all kinds hated on her for being so open about her blowjob prowess. All that comes with the game and this young lady knows it. Though she got a lot of hates from females she still stand strong in her skills as a blowjob queen.
She taunts her haters by posting more photos and videos of her in all kinds of sexual situations. She had one pic where it appears she was in a stripclub shaking her ass for some dollars.
She even posted up about holding auditions for well-endowed guys to be in her videos to get slurped down by her. This girl has no inhibitions and appear to be comfortable in her body. Guys like that and so do we.

Brittney Jones from Facebook

Brittneys personal facebook got bombarded within a day of the release of her video. She can no longer accept anymore friends so she had to start a Facebook Page where she interacts with her admirers and haters and post more photo’s and video’s of herself. With a day the page has reached 10k followers. By the time you read this it may be at 100k. That’s just how nuts the internet is going over this sexual vixen.

Obviously, you know where all this is header: Straight to a career in porn. With her type of persona, she’s made for the life. Can’t wait to see her full blown scene!

Click here to see the video that got the internet going nuts!

brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook brittney jones from facebook

Celebrities wearing Snapback Hats

Snapback are a cultural icon. Known for bringing style to the headpiece of the urran and street individual. Not only do Cats rock snapbacks to support there favorite team. But most people rock snapbacks as a Fashion Statement. Peep these celebrities wearing Snapback Hats:

NWA wearing black snapback hatsNWA made wearing snapbacks a street things in the 80s as they always sported a Black n White Snapback. Sometimes the vintage Raiders hat or NWA or Compton embroidered on the cap

Kanye West wearing dallas mavericks snapbackKanye West walking the streets in a legendary Dallas Mavericks Snapback

Chris Brown wearing los angeles lakers snapbackChris Brown at the Staples Center in a vintage Los Angeles Lakers snapback

Wiz Khalifa wearing a pittsburgh steelers snapbackRather it’s Pittsburgh Pirates of the Steelers just know Wiz Khalifa always repping his hometown with it’s snapbacks

Tyga wearing Ny Met snapbackTyga rocking the vintage NY Mets snapback

Wale wearing washington nationals snapbackMMG own Wale rocking a Washington Nationals Snapback

Big Sean wearing Detroit Lions snapbackBig Sean at Def Jam party wearing a vintage Detroit Lions Snapback

Justin Beiber wearing snapback with all starsJustin Beiber rocking a red snapback with vintage red all stars to match

Lebron James snakeskin miami heat hatLebron James pops up on the scene with a Snakeskin Brim Miami Heat Snapback

Beyonce wears ny snapback hatBeyonce on the scene with a legendary NY Cap. Wonder if Jay out her up to this?

Rihanna wearing a snapback hat
Rihanna spotted leaving a London Hotel with a Dream Team Snapback on with stunna Ray Bans to match

Trey Songs wears white sox snapbackTrey Songs in Chicago promoting his album while sporting a Chicago White Sox Cap with stunna shades on

Tupac wears snapbackThe legendary Tupac rocking the Chicago White Sox Snapback Hat

Miley Cyrus wearing snapbackMiley Cyrus out jogging while sporting a Chicago Bulls Snapback with Jersey to match…



No matter yuh poison just know for every color and look you’re shooting for. Rather it’s celebrities wearing Snapback Hats or the average joe, You’ll find a convenient Snapback to match your style. If you’ll looking for Snapback that has fashion and style written on it. Check out Skich Designs Collection.