Charles Barkley Daughter, Thick and Fine Ass Hell!

Christina Barkley Currently, word is floating around the internet that this beautiful sculpture of a woman is Charles Barkley Daughter! She is Fine as hell, and thick than a motherfucker! (Pics posted below). She does share some facial features with Barkley, but is she really his daughter? One would have to ask with Charles himself being ugly ass fuck. How can he spit out such a beautiful seed? Well, in the game of physical cosmotology. One would say a simple change or shape size can make the world of difference between beauty and ugly. Although one can share the same features. One can also be cuter than the other.
We here at Skich did a lil digging. We had to find out if this beauty of a woman was really related to Charles. Well, per Charles Barkley’s Bio he has a daughter and her name is Christiana Barkley. She really is Charles Barkley Daughter! Furthermore, A quick look around that page you will see that Christiana is NOT the Thick, luscious lipped, Big Booty woman thats sending the internet into a craze. We took a look into this.

So is she really Charles Barkley Daughter?

As we digged deeper and put the question out into the stratosphere. A twitter page popped up. The pictures that’s people were saying was Barkley’s Daughter belonged to a girl with a twitter page called @AriannaTheAngel. So to answer the question. No, this girl is NOT Barkley’s Daughter! But that still doesn’t take away the fact that she still Thick, Fine ass hell, And fuckable as all outdoors. With that being said, below are pics of her!:

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