Chasing Success

SuccessChasing Success is what I’m all about. I know I have hills to climb and obstacles to conquer but I’m gonna do it. Patience is key. If it was quick and easy then everybody would be successful. I dream of the $100 Million Dollar Bank Account. Mansions, Yachts, and Exotic Vacations. This is Big Shit!
Cuz in the long run Money makes the world go round. Whoever said Money ain’t Everything is a damn lie. Try having a loved one die before your eyes because you can’t pay for medicare. I’ve experienced! Try avoiding the landlord and his threats to evict you and your family because you can’t pay rent. Cable about to get cut off, can’t pay electricity, or heat for the winter. Ya see I’ve been poor. And if I would’ve been able to pay for certain things I would’ve been smiling from ear to ear. I’ve seen rich people on vacation and they seem pretty happy to me with gigantic smiles. So fuck whoever thinks money can’t buy you happiness. I never saw one rich person give away their fortune just to find happiness.
Ya see Success comes with responsibility to Family and God. Put those things in place and everything else will fall into place. It’s a sense of belief in oneself. Self Belief is the power that drives one forth to do the things they desire. Success doesn’t hop up an jump in your lap. You can’t to chase it like a pitbull on some heels.