Chicago, Illinois try to make it illegal to record police

Chicago makes it illegal to record policeChicago, Illinois has been the most stringent in the nation when it comes to laws about recording Law Enforcement.  Nearly a year after they abolished the “Recording of Police” law. They back in legislation awaiting Governor Pat Quinns Signature to reinforce the law.
The bill is even steeper as before.

According to, the bill discourages people from recording conversations with police by making unlawfully recording a conversation with police – or an attorney general, assistant attorney general, state’s attorney, assistant state’s attorney or judge – a class 3 felony, which carries a sentence of two to four years in prison. Meanwhile, the bill makes illegal recording of a private citizen a class 4 felony, which carries a lower sentencing range of one to three years in prison.Now, if you a Chicago Residence living in the Urban Inner City you know damn well the police will harass, brutalize, and murder you. The law was passed to give the facade that the police hands are clean. If the public don’t “see” police injusticies then it will trust and believe in Chicago Police. But that’s the thing, if your hands so clean, why can’t it be legally recorded? Thing is they don’t want the world to see there heavy handed tactics because they see the uproar of citizens. They know catching there evil ways on video will destroy the police force.

The police and the whole system hands are dirty. It’s actually scary to know these people are the ones who suppose to serve and protect us. It’s one big gang and they’re allowed to carry guns… Sad day in the life of Illinois residents, smh