Chief Keef dropped from Interscope Records

Chief Keef droppedChief Keef, the embattled youth from Chicago seems to not be able to shake off his troubles. Through an initial meteoric rise to fame, which resulted in a Record Deal. Since then, Keef has seen a fair share of run-ins with the law. He has caught multiple criminal charges and even been a resident in a Drug Rehab Program. With all the commotion surrounding Keef. Interscope decided to drop him from the label.
In an effort to thwart the decision. Keef moved to California in an attempt to be closer to the label and to get away from the violent streets of Chicago. It didn’t help as the youth continued with the consuming on Sizzurp (A lethal drug thats mixed with promethazine and codeine), constant weed smoking, prescription drugs, and flaunting of guns.
To add insult to injury Keef first official Album “Finally Rich” only sold under 200,000 copies. Even though his Social persona boasted of selling more. Keef didn’t take too kindly of being released from the label as he with into a charade of negative posts by saying: “Fuck the label, now I can do my own thing!”

My personal thought in all this is:Chief Keef being dropped from Interscope wont stop the kids money. He’s still a commodity cuz he been put on now. Interscope lost in this, Not keef! Ex. Migos not signed n they killing the game now n getting money! They gave Keef a multimillion dollar contract and he didnt sell to Major Labor Standards. They lost, he still got the money!

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