Derrick Rose in pain

Is Derrick Rose too fragile for the NBA?

Derrick Rose in pain Once upon a time, Derrick Rose was sorta like our Great White Hope. A reincarnation of Michael Jordan. Chicago looked at Derrick as if he was gonna be the one to take Chicago on another Championship Spree.
True indeed he came into the league as a scorer. Fast on the ball and sharp on the defense. Those qualities gave him his 1st mvp title.
However, Derrick doesn’t possess what Jordan had: Heart and Guts. Mj was known to play through pain. In 1997 Jordan played through an entire game influxed with the flu. Why, because of his competitive nature, committment to his fans, and most importantly, his love for the game.
Over the past few years Derrick Rose has been pummeled with injury after injury. Sometimes it appeared he was quite Ok to play a game only to disappoint the legion of Chicago Fans that adore him. His injuries has left stranded a Chicago Bulls Team that had chances at a title. As the Bulls played through playoff games, Derrick sat on the sidelines looking like a poor and scared dog. His face looked as if it said “Hell no I’m not getting in that”. He has had so many injuries that fans hope he dont run too fast or jump too high because more than likely, he’ll get hurt. History has proven that.

Is Derrick Rose too fragile?

Too be perfectly honest: Yes! He just made his comback in the 2014 season and he’s already hopping and flopping all over the place. A ankle sprain here, a ham injury there. We as fans are getting used to the “O I’m hurt face” he been wearing for quite some time now.
Derrick has no love or heart for the game. He himself said he’s thinking of a long term goals like going to grandsons graduation. That’s not a bad thing but he’s a young 26 year old MVP. Shouldn’t his mind be on taking his team to the finals? Even Stephen A. Smith said he’s devastated by Rose’s words. What is the use of paying Rose all these millions if he can’t play? He’s played 10 games in two years and paid millions! Is Basketball like Football, boxing, or Ufc where you so harmed where you scared to play?

I think it’s time to renegotiate with Derrick Rose. We, as a people in Chicago can’t take no more! What’s next? A broken nail? Out 20 games? Smh