Don’t buy your Custom Snapback Hats from…

A lot of people who wants to get in the game of selling there own Snapbacks tend to always be lead to China Manufacturers – Specifically In face, even when we 1st started getting our own Snapbacks made we started with Alibaba/China.
Understand something, China is the counterfeit king of the world. They are Charlatan minded. They may sell you products that “look good”, but its with inferior material and understanding.
It’s a must to understand, mostly all products are made in China. But, that’s because Big Companies by factories there with High Quality Machinery to make there High Quality Products. They do it for the cheap labor. But these companies are exclusive to there own brands.

We’ve loss $1000s of dollars dealing with inferior hat factories out of China. They just don’t have there shit together. There’s 3 highly possible things that can happen when trying to get your caps made in China/Alibaba.
1. You see hats you like, you buy, when you get them they will be small ass fuck! It’s fitted for childrens heads. They are notorious for making very small hats. Makes me wonder is it because Chinese people are small headed.
2. You may be apprehensive in dealing with them so you get a sample hat. It’s actually nice. But once you do your full order. They’ll be different than your sample hat.
3. They not really a hatmaking company. They a trade company and when they get your money they’ll go to a factory they know of and get your bullshit looking hat.

Please understand, this post is specifically for the people who are on Alibaba. Most of Alibaba suppliers are traders and you can find the same hats on every suppliers page. They often showcase branded hats like New Era as well. If you do business on that site. Proceed with extreme caution.
Overall, this isn’t an attack post on China or it’s inhabitants.It’s those Charlatans who are not to be trusted.
Most Big Hat Companies in the game (New Era and Mitchell and Ness) have hats made there. When you can find a decent hatmaking company in America. More than likely they own there own factories somewhere in China.
Out of all the Premium High Quality Hatmaking companies we’ve did business with. They don’t offer there business on Alibaba for good reasons.
And just to close, currently, our hats are Made in China. But not by a Alibaba supplier. We stomping with the Big Dogs —
dont buy your snapback hats off alibaba