biggie the real hustler

Hustlers vs Suckers

notorious big true hustler Let’s hop right into it: Suckers are losers! Hustlers are winners! There’s an infestation of suckers where they roam the globe in the millions as a majority. While hustlers are a dime a dozen and only a dew. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Besides, we can’t all be winners! Someone has to lead the losers as they lose way pretty easy.

Why are suckers losers?

Because they are either born that way. Or too scared to stepped out. They long to be winners but they don’t have the genetic makeup. Though they complain about living in their condition. They are quite complacent with doing absolutely nothing to change they lives. They live in fear of failure and shun the spotlight. They work for others making them rich. Mark Cuban, The enigmaticΒ  owner of The Dallas Mavericks once said, “I don’t need to know how to do everything. I organize and hire the best brains and they do it for me“. The result? Mark is a Billionaire living the life!

Why are Hustlers winners

Because they possess leadership qualities: Charisma, Courage, Self Belief, Fearlessness and Ultimate Confidence. Rather born with it or developed we gotta respect these types. They are the leaders of the world pushing humanity forward. Sometimes, their success comes with blood. America, the strongest nation on Earth didn’t become this way through peace. Our freedome came because our forefathers tenacity and strenght. Real Hustlers and Ballers have a certain psychology mindset. They know what the majority want and they sell it to em. Hustlers can be found in all walks of like: Corporate, Sports, Religion, Politics, Streets, etc.
One things for certain and two things for sure. It’s the survival of the fittest out here. The Hustlers survive and the losers die! So until you nothing ass loser ass mothafuckers get up off ya asses and stop bitching about what hustler do. Stay in your lane, because switching lanes is what causes accidents!