kurupt goes ballistic over kings of new york line

Kurupt goes psycho over “King of New York” line [Video]

These days it’s hard to tell if these rapper/celebrities be on drugs of if the fame of celebritism has boggled their brains. VladTv recently did an interview with Snoop Doggs homey Kurupt and he went off the deep end over a simple question about Kendrick Lamar quoted him on the “King of NY” line.
Kurupt had a disoriented look on his face from the start. Vlad asked him the verse in its entire and after he spitted it he stated it meant “He’s the fucking worst“. After explaining that he’s referring to Frank White from the movie King of New York he flew into a tirade about people getting all things he say misconstrued. I believe he was on dope…. Peep the video and judge for yourself: