Masterbation addict

Is masterbation an addiction?

Masterbation addictEveryone does it once in awhile. Some do it modestly, while others do it excessively. Masterbation is a healthy activity in life. But can it become a problem when done excessively? Chronic masterbation can be a serious problem according to Dr. Laura Berman in her Sexual Health Article. She states “Sex addicts think about sex virtually all the time. They spend hours looking at pornography on the Internet, they masturbate multiple times a day (often to the point that it becomes painful), and they are consumed by their need for sexual release.” And she have a very valid point. People whom masterbation excessively can’t wait to grab the lube or dildo to get it on. It’s a constant thought in the mind of the Chronic Masterbator. They see women and visualize how it would feel to have sex with them. They keep that vision in mind until they get to there private place to let one loose.
Masterbation Addicts have a library of porn. They beat off multiple times a day. Even if they’re not at home they’ll beat off in the bathroom of a public place or friends house. The addiction is like a Crackhead. They fiend to reach the ultimate high of orgasm.

Masterbation is an addiction

A few ways to know if you’re addicted to masterbationis too try and go a week or so without jagging off. If you feel a pull within yourself to grab the lube and get one off. Good chance you’re addicted. They even have Therapists dedicated to the field of “Sex Addiction”. They have sex help groups. If you feel your addiction to masterbation is unhealthy. Seek help from the aforementioned suggestions.