Menasha Packaging in Hodgkins, Il

Menasha Packaging employee review (Hodgkins, IL)

Menasha Packaging in Hodgkins, IlMenasha Packaging is a company that specializes in Product Displays. This is a Menasha Packaging employee review. They do packaging for companies like Walgreens, Walmart, and all sorts of big stores. If you go to their website. It’ll appear they’re a standup, professional company. And rightfully so, they are and they do legitimate business. But does it come as a price to the employee?
I answered an ad by Elite Staffing for a Line Leader Position. It was to pay $10.50/Hr with a 50cent raise after 90 days. I went for an interview with Ida, one of the managers of the facility on the 2nd shift. She took me on a walk-through of the warehouse and I remember the place looking simply like a regular warehouse. It wasn’t customed to a business like a U.P.S is. It had no signs or anything with the word “Menasha” on it. It was just a spacious warehouse with a handful of workers.
As she explained the duties of the Line Leader it seemed empty of info. Just go in, work, and punch out.
Menasha have an extremely high turnover rate. Like I forestated line leaders van make $10.50/Hr. But the regular employees are paid a measley $8.25/Hr for fast-paced work. Extremely hot in summer! Extremely cold in winter. No heater, but fans here and there for summer.

Menasha Packaging employee review

The reason Menasha pays $8.25/Hr is because they hire from Elite Staffing (Temp Service) who sends out undocumented mexicans to do the job. If immigration took notice Menasha wouldn’t get blamed because all the employees come from Elite. Thats who pay the employees. So if immigration had questions. Elite would take the heat.
On a daily basis Menasha only have about 6-8 regular employees. Everyone else is from the temp service. When they start the shift it reminded me of a slave auction. They would have their temp employees sit in lunchroom and a line leader would come in and pick and choose whom he wants to work for him.
I wouldn’t recommend working for this company do to its lack of professionalism.