vintage 1979 new era pittsburgh pirates snapback hat

My very 1st Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat

vintage 1979 new era pittsburgh pirates snapback hatI’ll never forget the day I owned a Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat. It was indeed a New Era item and it was a hand me down from my Big Brother. He played for the local little league team and they were actually called the Pirates. He bought the hat to express allegiance to his little league team. He played in the hat so much that it became worn and dirty. In his eyes it got so bad that he contemplated throwing it away but on deeper thought. He knew I’ll benefit from it as I admired the hat as a whole. I mean, it was made different from all other hats. It was styled sorta like a Military Style Cap with rings around it and the capital P for Pirates. New era made the Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat in 1979.
It was a hot day in 1984 when my Big Brother called me in the room and tossed me the day with the words “It’s yours now!” My smile was brighter than the sizzling sun. That was the day my life had changed and my infinite love for Snapback Hats began. What my brother saw as a dusty beatup hat I saw something much more prominent. An item for fashion!

Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hat

I cleaned it up the old school way by running my toothbrush along some soap and scrubbing away and the hat. I used my Moms mannequin head where she use to put her wigs on and made sure the hat stayed with it’s natural fitted look. By the time it was dry I put it on with an old yellow sesame street shirt and walked to the playground for the other kids to just look at my wardrobe.

Ya see you have to understand that a true hathead love runs deep and it starts in early childhood. That Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates Snapback Hatset the stage for what it is today: The Premier Creator of Custom Snapback Hats. This is my business and I’m a success at it. We sell over 100 hats a month and that’s all because of what happened in 1984. The christening of a True HatHead!