Noisey Atlanta - Meet the Migos - Episode 2

Noisey Atlanta – Meet the Migos – Episode 2 [Video]

Noisey Atlanta - Meet the Migos - Episode 2
We are following Vice subsidiary Noisey through the streets of Atlanta to give an inside look into the popularity of Trap Music. As we’ve already covered Part-1 of the series. In this episode, titled “Meet the Migos”. They make way to the infamous HipHop Stripclub Magic City to cover a music video shoot by rising Rap Group Migos. As Vice Correspondent Thomas Morton makes way through the club he can’t help but to be inebriated by all the Ass Jiggling and Wiggling that’s taken place.
The Migos are filming “Freak no More” at the club. After the shoot the Migos extended an opportunity to the Noisey Crew to follow them to there Shared Suburban Home in Stockbridge, Ga.
When the film crew pull up they are met with Hooligans that’s packing 9mm pistols, revolvers, and even a couple automatic rifles. Too bad that wasn’t the case when Quavo got whooped and his chained snatched in Dc. But that’s a different story.
The house is full of a bunch of niggaz and no hoes. I mean damn, they just left a strip club. The fuck is the sausage after party for? But that’s a different story.
What’s strange and quite honestly is Migos are on Success Status. They’ve made their mark in the rap game. However, and sadly, they still operate with a Trap House Mentality. Niggaz all over the place. Guns all over the place. Weed smoke in the air, sizzurp inΒ  the cups. I mean when does the art separate from the music or is all those elements in place to motivate the music? Peep what I’m saying by watching the video below: