noisey atlanta welcome to the trap

Noisey Atlanta – Welcome to the Trap – Episode 1 [Video]

noisey atlanta welcome to the trap
Noisey has been showing much love to the music scene (especially rap) with there informative and visual inside looks on a personal level. A subsidiary of Vice, Noisey is the music department. Currently they’re known for covering Chief Keef, Asap Rocky, and Jamaican Artists.
In this episode titled “Noisey Atlanta – Welcome to the Trap – Episode 1”, correspondent Thomas Morton takes a trip to Atlanta to get an understanding of Trap Music.
Trapping is a term for selling dope and a Trap House is the Dopewhere where the shit is cooked. In the beginning of the segment Thomas Morton appears mortified as he’s observing a drug dealer cooking up dope. Oddly enough though an Atlanta native by the name of Curtis Snow is cooking the dope with his face fully exposed. Furthermore, this idiot shows the front of his house with address posted as well. Is that smart? I’m sensing a knock on his door by authorities in the near future.
They go into detail on how the Trap is what inspires the music and hiphop lyrics. You can’t have one without the other so if you have a Trap House you have a studio as well.
They push off the BMF legend with the legacy of Big Meech. They were credited with bringing Big Dope to the ATL area. Blue Davinci makes an appearance and share info. All in all, a short doc, but still informative: Check it out: