eric garder choldhold death

Police Officer cleared in the death of Eric Garner

eric garder choldhold deathWe hoped that the death of Eric Garner opens the eyes of Americans, both white and black. It’s open season out here on Niggas. A week after officers cleared Officer Derren Brown in the gruesome murder of Mike Brown, Today, the officer who brutally choked Eric Garner to death has been cleared as well.
This shows Black America that you possibly can be killed by a Police Officer for any reason whatsoever:
1. O, you wanna sell loose cigarettes, get killed
2. O, you stole some cigars, get killed

Most folks who condone these senseless acts of murder have a small-minded, quite stupid, and more of a racist view of things. They tend to justify these horrendous acts as “He was a thug, he deserved it”. Like I said, they stupid!
Just because a Police Officer works for the government shouldn’t give them authority to be judge, jury, and executioner. The Police State in America is a cult tied into the powers of the country. All these judicial and law enforcement individuals look out for each other. If me or you committed these same atrocious acts of murder we’ll be sent up the river for life.
I, at least Thank God that the civilians of America has front row seat to the injustice of these humans we call Law Enforcement. With the advent of Cell Phone Cameras we’re able to see what’s been in existence for decades.
Let’s let the death of Eric Garner be a lesson to us. Don’t believe or trust in law enforcement. We see what they’re capable of doing and getting away with. The police are highly trained not to trust the American Public, so why trust them? In a Ny Post they stated “The lack of indictment, even with the video evidence that New Yorkers have watched in horror, is yet another example of New York City leading the nationwide revival of occupation-style policing that was so prevalent in the Jim Crow South“.

Death of Eric Garner

I’m praying for Eric Garner, his family, and the Black People of America. We’re up against a Titan of a corrupted system. One day, White America will experience this and maybe, just maybe America as a whole will wakeup and the policies of this Corrupt Police System will be straightened out. Until then, catch you at the next murder of a Black Person by the hands of a Dirty Police Officer.