Vanessa Bryant Gold Digger

Professional Gold Digging Hoes

Vanessa Bryant Gold DiggerYou got some hoes out here that’s about that money and that’s all they want from a nigga. You can call them low low gold digging hoes because these type of hoes are stupid with no long term outlook on life. They want the quick buck.
Then you got Professional Gold Digging Hoes that are in it for the long term. These hoes gotta head on their shoulders and they know if they stay down with their target there future and bank account gonna pay off. These are the type of hoes that seek professional sports players, actors, entertainers, and corporate fellows. They may even loved their target at once upon a time. They have babies by em and all. But one slip up, the target finds out he’s been duped the whole time. The law play right into these hoes hands too.
These guys dun worked they ass off but soon as the Professional Gold Digging Hoe decides she wants to do other things. The law will give the bitch half the mans money and his possessions. It’s a cold and unfair game. There can’t be a loyal bitch out there because society doesn’t conduce one. No matter how educated or what graceful background a hoe comes from. All she knows is she can control the successful dude because the laws are automatically tailored in her favor. You got hoes getting 9-figure deals from dealing with a balla cat. It’s a shameful game man! So be careful on who you choose to fuck with. Thats why I don’t believe in marriage.