Majestic Blue Tiger

Rare Majestic Blue Tiger discovered in Amazon Rainforest

Majestic Blue Tiger
Breaking News!: Scientists have discovered a beautiful and rare Majestic Blue Tiger deep in the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. While on hunt to research an exquisitely colored bird named a Scarlet Macaw. Dr. Richard Dawson and famed photographer Walter Hunt voyeured near where the mountains meets a waterfall. Lo and behold, laying on a rock was the most beautifully colored animals ever saw by the human eyes, a rare Majestic Blue Tiger! As both was in awe on what they saw. Dr. Dawson silently screamed to Hunt to snap a photo.
As they silently attempted to tiptoe closer the intense hearing sense of the Majestic Blue Tiger was activated and the animal scurried away. As they stood there drop jawed on there discovery they were perplexed as what was it that made the tiger outer coat display a blueish color. No other such Tiger of it’s nature has been discovered before.
Upon contacting the International Science Committee Dr. Dawson and Mr. Hunt has become legends in the field og discovery. They received awards and $95 million dollar budgets to start a study on rediscovering the Blue Tiger as well as studying it.
The big question around the science world is are their more? Do they travel in packs as traditional lions? What and who are it’s ancestors?
Furthermore, a flurry of more scientists and researchers have flocked to the region in an attempt to find the Majestic Blue Lion. As interviews with jungle locals took place. The Joon Tribe, whom wondered the Rainforest for 1,000s of years told interviewers that photoshop is an awesome program. It transcends the world of reality and fantasy. Furthermore, it assists in the structure of satire stories. As Dr. Dawson and crew setup shop in South America. We hope they really do find the animal. As there are some parts of the world that is untouched by humans. πŸ™‚