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skichdesigns sticker promos
As we march towards our goal as a leading force in the Snapback Hats game. We’re mindful that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Yuh see, our goal is to compete with the gargantuous beast that is New Era. I know, we have our work cut out for us as New Era been producing hats for nearly a century. But a great man was said to be great, you have to compete with greatness.
We’re taking baby steps. We have our stores and the site where you can buy our Snapback Hats setup and we’re doing pretty good numbers. But in order to grow we must advertise so we’re investing in a heavy street promoting campaign for the summer of 2015. We already got Sticker Promo Items floating thru the city. A technique to “plant the seed” for the full onslaught. We post them in gas stations, corner polls, bus stops, and train stations. It get impressions of about 300K a day. People love that a homegrown Snapback Hats business is in the city. They flock to the site to put in orders and a flurry of calls asking where can they cop one.

Snapback Promo Items

But to go back to the topic, these sticker snapback promo items is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s still winter so come April 2., Stickers, Posters, Flyers gonna invade the city so bad that people are gonna ve forced to buy from us. Every nook and cranny gonna have our snapback hats promo items posted on it. So until the front of summer begin, we’ll continue our light weight sticker campaign. We will conquer!