Snapback Hats Business is expensive

I’m making this post because a lotta cats see our Success and they ask “Is selling hats worth it?”, “Can I snapback hats business is expensivestart selling hats”, “Does selling hats make real money”?’
If I had a nickel for everytime such a question was asked I’ll be rich by now. Allow me to open ya mind. Hustlers sell just about any and everything. A direct familiar hustle of legit hustlers is the T-Shirt Game. Cats have came up selling T-Shirts and even I, myself sell them. It’s an easy hustle.
But have you ever heard of a nigga selling his own hats? No, you haven’t and it’s a reason for that. If you interested in creating your own line of Snapbacks then you better come to the game with over 5-figures because these Hat Manufacturing companies out here are not flexible.
Just about all of them have minimums of at least 100 hats per 1 design. Each hat will cost you on average $8 dollars. So thats $8×100=$800. Some have setup fees (threads/machines and shit), About $50. So at the least you coming off at least $1,000 for 100 hats. All these hats gotta be the same design.
In true business, you order low product and test it on the market. If it sells, you order more. So lets say you order them 100 hats n you dont have a following or customer base let alone crowds of folks you can promote too. Now here you are with 100 hats. Now if you a eal hustler you’ll get em off in time but on the contrary, A real hustler still wants faster money.
So now you may be asking. Why is the minimum so big? Well, Chloe over at Rkdco says Hat Manufacturers have assembly lines setup. When you create a design and want to put it on a hat. If goes from a computer. Setup has to be done. Threads and shit. To material used people. To cutting people. To sewing people. To embroidery people. To constructing people. To Quality Agents people. It’s an assembly.
So if you an up and coming wannabe Hat Pusher then you have to realize that small orders are not cost effective for Hat Production Lines in a warehouse. But, a Big But!, If you are a smart businessman you would designate an area of your facility to short runs. 25-50hats. Don’t turn away an enthused, driven, up-n-coming Hustler of hats. Because if you gets 100s of us. Then you making your big Money and annihilating your competition.

So that is one of the main reasons you don’t see cats selling hats with there own design. Hat manufacturers alienates. Most these Hat Manufacturers are in/from China and even they are hard-up about doing real business with startups.

So that’s the lowdown at the moment. Checkout our Snapback Hats on