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There is a single, solitary, primary reason I’m making this blog post. It is to inform the word of our prowess as Snapback Hats designers. It appears some (even elite folks) got the game misconstrued. When you talk about Snapback Hats you have to realize this shit flows through our bloodstream. It’s part of us. It’s our passion.
As we embark on the realization of the dream of becoming an elite force in the hat game. We know we’re gonna bump into doubters and obstacles. All goals are met with hardships because if it was easy everyone will be doing it. We know that we have high mountains to climb and rough terrain to pass. But we suited and booted and we will conquer. To be on a level of New Era one has to be passionate about this shit. Our present is full of hustle and bussle because our eyes are set on a future of success. We talking $100Mil a year type shit!
Currently, we have a variety of exclusive Snapback Hats. We sell them online on our homesite of course and we sell them locally in stores. Our stores are selling because we run a heavu marketing campaign throughout the city. Posters, Flyers, Parties, etc. However, our online game is hard as we’re reaching consumers from all 4 corners of the earth. That’s why we run promo’s on social media and google. We do everything in our power to reach our target market. We’re so passionate about our business that we often go over budget to assure we promote accordingly.
You may see our hats worn by your favorite actor, rapper, or sports players. We at times give it to em free and snap pics as it trickles down to their fans sending us enquires on our hats. They’re rules to marketing and we’re playing by them. We do the same to fashion magazines and bloggers.
We’re looking to take over this Snapback Hats game and we won’t stop ever. We won’t get content as we’re always seeking a new design or style to feed to the public.
So until then, God bless you all and go on over to our products page to choose a cap!

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