custom snapback hats

Snapback versus Fitted Hats

custom snapback hats
There was this big debate in hatland world one one head asked HatHeads, It was a debate about Snapback versus Fitted Hats and which you prefer?
A Snapback Hat is a hat that has the adjustable strap on the back. Snapbacks are cheaper than fitted hats. Though trucker hats that come with pre-bent bill has a snapback on it it’s not referred to a Snapback. It’s called a Trucker hat. Snapbacks is an urban term for flat billed caps.
A Fitted Hat (called Flexfit in some places) is an unadjustable hat that comes in one size only. It fits around the entire head. Fitted caps come in a variety of sizes and styles. Both Snapbacks and Fitted Hats has it’s advantages. If you particularly buy New Era Hats you’ll find their designs come in both fitted and snapbacks.
You can buy caps to represent your favorite team but most people buy hats for a stype. The Snapback verses Fitted Hats might just have a design that’s raw ass hell or a color that’s on point. It may go witcha outfit or with a fresh pair of shades.
We here at Skich Designs represent that love you got for Snapback versus Fitted Hats. Log on and check our large variety of caps to choose from…