Howard Hughes

Studying of Howard Hughes

Howard HughesI’ve recently been studying the life of Enigmatic Billionaire Howard Hughes. A man who captivated Hollywood with his awe-inspiring movies and dare devil camera angles. He was born with a silver spoon to a father who made a fortune in the drill bit oil business. In his childhood Howard was a loner whose mother kept him in a box. After both of his parents died Howard emancipated himself and took over the families business. However, he wasn’t much active in the operations of the company. He chose to keep the money flowing and turned his interests to filmmaking, aviation, and real estate.
Howard Hughes directed or produced a number of films with Hells Angels and Scarface being the most successful. During the filming of Hells Angels Howard became obsessive with the film. He demanded everything be perfect. Often working his actors and crew for 20-30 hours straight. He went well over budget but all of it paid off as Hells Angels was a block buster hit. Doubling his budget!
As a 14 year old teen Howard Hughes flew in a airplane and that inspired him to take to the air as flying is what brought him pleasure. After his films business Howard Hughes enter the aviation business. He created airplanes used for commercial use as well as war use. He broke many aviation records and even purchased TWA and successfully expanded its operations.
Later in life Howard Hughes became a Real Estate Mogul. Often buying businesses and properties for simple or no apparent reason. Once, while staying in the Desert Inn Hotel the managers asked him to vacate for new customers. Instead of leaving, Hughes simply bought the hotel. Hughes extended his financial empire to include Las Vegas real estate, hotels and media outlets, spending an estimated $300 million and using his considerable powers to take-over many of the well known hotels, especially the organized crime connected venues and he quickly became one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas.

3 main things to learn from Howard Hughes

1. Always go further than possible
2. Never fear the competition
3. Fuck society and its people