suge knight charged with murder

Suge Knight charged with murder after hit and run

suge knight charged with murderWhen does the “Thug Life” mentality ends and the “Grown Up” begins? Suge Knight charged with murder is the result of a life totaled by that “Thug Life” mentality. Not only does he throw away his life but also the lives of his 4 children who now have to go through life without there dad.
Suge Knight, A notorious street gangster from the Blood Gang has been charged with Murder. His bond is set at 2 Million. It’s reported Suge wanted to work out things with Dr.Dre so he went to a movie location where the film “Straight outta Compton” was being filmed. Some of Dre’s security noticed Suge and there was a slight shoving match. Off Duty Police noticed and was also aware that Dre and Suge had bad blood so they ordered Suge to leave.
Terry Carter, A friend of Dre and Suge tried to broker a peaceful meeting between the two called Suge to tell him he talked to Dre and to come by as Dre agreed to a peaceful meeting. Allegedly when Suge arrived he got jumped before he barely got out his truck. As to evade the altercation Suge jumped back in his truck and gassed it in reverse, however, Terry Carter was near the back and subsequently his head was rolled over killing him in the process.
Intentionally or accident? Did Terry set him up?
There’s questions to be answered and it’ll all gonna happen in court as Suge Knight is charged with murder.
If this was a white guy with no background he would get off as this does sound like an accident. But when you’re Suge, a Gangster with a nasty background you get charged.
Be careful who you are. The rep you build may cost you your freedom. — Out