The story of Buck 50 Hats

buck50 hats from chicago
Buck 50 Hats has made a major comeback since it’s heydey of the 80s & 90s. They way they were originated was by happenstance.

This is the The story of Buck 50 Hats

A Chicago Street Hustler walked into Breyers and told Red that he wanted a custom baseball hat with snakeskin on it. Red was already customizing hats by putting snakeskin on the brim, top button, and turning the snapback into a snakeskin strapback. The hustler told him he wanted some kind of jewels on the hat.
So as Red was going through options he saw the wings on an old Air Force Jacket. That gave him the idea to put wings on the hat. Afterall, it would match the already snakeskin brim and everything else. But then he couldn’t really decide on what Jewelry to add onto the hat. The thoughts of pendants crossed his mind but never came to fruition. And as he walked through Breyers he saw the watches and it itstantly hit him that a shiny watch in the middle of the wings would look Pimpish. – The Buck 50 Hats was born!
Little did he know he started a style that would become a Status Symbol of Hustlers. Cats poured into Breyers to get there paws on one. Sometimes, even waiting weeks as he was so backed up.
We called em Buck50 because that’s how much they cost, $150. That was the determining factor that separated the Big Boys from the small ones. Cuz everyone couldn’t afford em but Hustlers.

But as we expound on The story of Buck 50 Hats a lot of people didn’t know what happened. The fame of Buck50 Hats just quietly went away. Well, 1st off Breyers closed down shop. Then, unfortunately, Red, The creator of Buck 50 Hats died.
So that left a gap of nearly 10 years that the world went without Authentic Buck 50 hats. Of course, Asian people attempted to capitalize off the famed Buck50 but flopped.

But then a Chicago Cat, by the name of Tory (of ChitownBuck50s) knew the inside ropes on how to make them and had the love for Buck50s. He breathe life back into the famed Buck50.
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— Deak

buck 50 hats wing ding hats

buck50 hats wing ding hats

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The misconception of Buck 50 hats

buck 50 hat
If you do a search around the internet on the subject “Buck 50 Hats”, you’ll get a narrow view on exactly what it is. In fact, it’s The misconception of Buck 50 hats that inspired me to write this post. Ya see, 1st and foremost the Buck 50 Hat was an underground piece available in Chicago Shops. It had its foundation in the late 80s and early 90. But even to this day, Buck 50s were hard to find.
So with the popularity of Buck 50s you had a lot of cats out here making hats and labeling them Buck 50s. Just because you put Snakeskin on the Brim of a hat DOES NOT make it a Buck 50 Hat. It’s just a hat with snakeskin on it, in which cats all over the world is doing that rather simple process. To take it a step further, even if you put Snakeskin on the Strapback and Top Button, it’s still NOT a Buck 50 Hat. It’s just a hat with Snakeskin on it with an assortment of names from people who make them.
We talk about this in an earlier post on Buck 50s but we felt the need to expound a little more as some cats out here seem to lost their way.
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