Lusting for social media approval

These illustrations shows the downfall of society

In a world that gets more detached everyday. We allow technology and gadgets distance the human spirit. No more are the days meeting up in a park, beach, or social hall and simply chatting. Todays communication exists in Social Media. Folks will message you on instagram or facebook before they call or receive a call from you. If you out and about let’s say on a date. Your date just may spend half the night posting statuses instead of relating to you. This is what our world has succumbed too. Technology is deviating the human spirit. We call it the downfall of society.
Artist Luis Quiles sums up in his drawings exactly what society has become. His illustrations sends a chilling message and poses a question, what have we become?

Forceful Feeding of Cheap Fast Food
illustration of cheap fast food eating

Promiscuos Girl in the Mirror taking selfies looking for validation
illustration of girl taking selfies

Not allowed to voice your opinion without repercussions
illustration of voicing opinions

How does Religion create starvation and poverty?
Religion causes starvation

The power and control of a woman
Power of a female

Stereotyping of the male and female
gender stereotypes

Lusting for Notifications, Followers, and Likes
Lusting for social media approval

The puppeting of Child Soldiers in 3rd world countries
Child soldiers in 4rd world country

Power of the Almighty Dollar
Power of the dollar

Sharks in Suits
sharks in suits

The Social Media craziness
social media craze

The excessive advertisement and ownership of Athletes
advertising and athletes

The prescription drug phenomenon
Crazy for prescription drugs

The young activist and violent video game player
violent video game player

Teaching Sex and Religion to little girls
Teaching religion to little girls

No respect for elders
no morals

She says don’t touch though
don't touch

Could it be the downfall of society or things just changing? Is it the way humanity is evolving or is it puppeted by people in power? Questions that have yet to meet answers.