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Top – 5 Snapback Hat Manufacturers

If you’ve made it to this post in hopes of designing your very own snapback headwear. Be prepared for some hard truths mingled with pros and cons. In one of my previous posts, I eluded to the fact that the Snapback Game is expensive.
Furthermore, if you do a Google Search on let’s say Custom Snapback Hats, Headwear Manufacturer, or Snapback Hatmakers, etc. You’re not gonna get a strong list of companies that can provide you with good quality service. But if you do find a couple, it’s gonna be a bullshit 1-person ran company making you low quality shitty hats from his basement, let alone brokering hats from China.
This post is for the smaller retail shops, websites, and people who trying to get custom snapback hats made.
Not only do we get our hats custom made. But we have been researching, googling, and communicating with a great number of Snapback Hat Manufacturers so we’ll like to give you a strong list of the Top – 5 Snapback Hat Manufacturers in the game. We’ll count em down from 5 (being the least) to 1 (being the greatest).
We’re basing this list on Quality of there product and Price, Feel free to breathe deep before the read:


5. New Era Hats:
Yes, The Market Leader, The Grand Daddy of Snapback Hats with its insane high quality has garnered the lowest position on this list. You can go into any store or online and buy New Era Hats and even make your own on there website New Era By You. But that’s where the bill ends. You’re making an already established sports team hat and its already established. For instance, you can custom make a Chicago Bulls hat to your like. You can choose ya different color schemes and all but it’s no originality if you want to create YOUR own hat with YOUR own design. In fact, New Era will tell you, there custom work is for Sports Team only. So if you a coach or something and gotta baseball team. They’ll assist you. But not the Kid who wants his own shit! Besides, who wouldn’t want there own design with New Era’s Crazy High Quality?

4. CustomSnapbacks.com:
Now this guy work is relative to all the other guys who sell below premium hats. In fact, group all the other mediocre websites you see along with this one. They all belong in this #4 position. This guy can embroider after market snapback hats. He’s in business and making some change but he can’t rock with the Big Boys. His embroidery quality is subpar. I mean, he can do up some hats with letters and simple designs. He don’t have the capacity to customize panels, eyelets, brims, underbrim, snapbacks, and screenprinting. He basically buy wholesale blank snapbacks and embroider on them. But when shitz need to be 100% customized, detailed, and of the highest crisp and clean embroidery. He can’t meet your top expectations. Hopefully, in the future he’ll make enough money to invest in a Superior Quality Barudan Embroidery machine. Cuz I do like this guy. Cool cat!

3. Alibaba.com
Now, Alibaba has 1000 of Trading/Manufacturing Companies claiming they do Superior Quality Snapbacks. But tread VERY lightly when dealing with these people. They from China, the counterfeit mecca of the world. If you want to seek a Snapback Hat maker then you really have to do your homework with them. When we 1st started getting out own Snapback Hats made we got burned twice by Alibaba Suppliers claiming they got good quality hats. The 1st time, the hats were actually nice, good embroidery by the photos they showed us. But by the time the 50 hats made it to us they were for the size of toddlers. The 2nd time, they had pics of hats they claimed they produced. We ordered, and got one of the world worst products known to man. But we did eventually find a legitimate Alibaba Supplier that created for us good quality hats. The key is to research the suppliers. Dont get fooled by the hats on there pages. Also, mostly all big companies (New Era, Mitchell and Ness) get there hats manufactured in China.

2. Pukka Inc.
Pukka Inc. is a diamond in the rough in the Custom Snapback Hats world. They totally understand the individual thats on a tight budget. They cater to the independent Headwear Brand. They offer Low minimums and high variety. I like them because of that. Mostly companies minimums be 100+, but there’s is 24 and 48 with High Quality Fully Customized Hats. Maybe you want to start out with a few hats to test the markey, different designs and colors and all, Well, look no further than Pukka.

1. RKDCo.
Now there’s only one thing I want you to know about RKD, “SUPREME QUALITY!”. Now if you want to get serious about your Snapback Brand then look into RKD. The quality of their hats rival the great New Era. Full customization. They literally give you a blank canvas. Anything you can imagine about hats, they can create it for you. Custom panels, eyelits, brims, snapbacks, screenprinting, the possibilities are endless with these guys.
They use the Highest Quality of Barudan Embroidery Machines. I cannot stress enough how superior there quality is. Crisp and clean embroidery.
However, you get what you pay for. They a little expensive in our opinion. They don’t give an opportunity of low minimums and various designs. In fact, there minimum is 100 hats per 1 design. The cost is between $7.99 to $16.99/per hat. So if you deal with them you coming off more than $1,000. Setup costs also may be included. I don’t know how your “Return on Investment” and “Profit Making” will look with dealing with these guys.
For the most part, Rkd deal with Big Companies like Redbull, Monster Drink, Sport Racing etc. Companies that can afford there prices. They don’t have a division of business dealing with smaller guys/companies. But hey, if you have a few $1,000s of dollars laying around. These ae the guys you looking for!